post No.546 Paper + Craft

Are you sitting down?!  Okay so …  one of my all time favorite things in life is making cool things out of paper, and one of my all time favorite people in life (Minhee from Paper + Cup) recently released a book through Chronicle all about it!  After waiting impatiently we FINALLY got these in at Urbanic, and they are going fast!  The book is a stylin’ little hard back full of D.I.Y projects to get you making things like a cone wreath, a giant flower vase, wrapped memory jars, custom silhouettes, and keepsake memory boxes – to name just a few. A huge congrats to Min and Tru. The book is completely amazing!

{pics by Johnny Miller and styled by Randi Harris}




8 thoughts on “post No.546 Paper + Craft

  1. Hi Audrey,

    Your book post reminded me to let you know that I’ve been searching for the Handmade Weddings book in the mail – I traded my won Hitched tickets to Sara for the book and she told me you’d be mailing it. If you are missing my address or want me to send some shipping dollars, please just let me know.

    thanks so much,


  2. Hi Vickie!
    Great. Yes, thanks for writing. The wedding books came in with this same Chronicle shipment. We’ll get it out to you today or tomorrow.

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