Post No.547 A day in the life of Paper + Cup

Last week, I posted about my friend Min’s new book Paper+Craft.  She is a working mom also, so we have a lot in common.  I’m inspired by all she does and thought it would be interesting to show you what a day in her life looks like.  Below is a summary she gave me of a day over at Paper+Cup …

A typical day at P+C revolves around our newest member, Tru Jr. I’ve been working a lot from home since he was born so I can be near him as much as possible. It’s been a real challenge but we made it through 1 year! It all starts with our breakfast time- 7am. When things are real busy, I wake up around 4-5am to do some work.  Jr eats while I make breakfast fast for me and Tru Sr. I organize my to-do’s that is split up into ‘home’ and ‘work’ lists, then some playtime before Jr’s first nap. Depending on what day, interns/designer comes over and I set them up while he sleeps.

Next, check email,  drink coffee and take care of some custom orders and check in with my team to see what orders are being worked on and shipping out

When Tru gets up, it’s lunch time.  Then off to run errands/playdates.  Often  I manage to squeeze in some playground time while out. This particular day I was at the post and saw some cards I designed a few years back for a client!

Afterwards, rush home for Jr’s 2nd nap. Barely make it home.  Back to work- check mail, unpack my sample cards from printer and check on some inventory.

Next I tidy up the house and prep dinner. After jr’s dinner, we bath and have some naked baby playtime.  This is my favorite time of the day. We read, sing songs and  laugh. Then as soon as he is asleep – around 7-7:30, I’m off to do actual design work on the computer till around 10.

Tru Sr. and I eat dinner around 10 and have some alone time.
I don’t get much time during the day to work on my computer but amazingly the time away from the computer actually has helped me to sort things out faster. I’ve also learned to let go and delegate. I’m very grateful for the network of people that make it possible for me to still run P+C and be a full time mom (for now =)).


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