post No.565 home-working

I’ve been working from home quite a bit lately. I really miss being in the store as much as I used to be, but during this special time while the boys are so little, it’s nice to interact with them throughout the day.  I admit, it doesn’t always work out the best for accomplishing the things I need to, but I’m still in a learning process on how to juggle things effectively.  We’ve also started to work on our home!  Since we moved in last summer, we never really did much to make this place feel like our own. Lately we’ve begun to hang pictures, plot out furniture, and even had a family day painting the kids room. My 4yr old has without a doubt found his new favorite past time!


2 thoughts on “post No.565 home-working

  1. Missing seeing you in the store when i FINALLY popped in, but spending time at home with the boys right now i so fantastic. You are truly lucky to be able to do it. Looks like you are all having fun!

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