post No.573 Givaway Time!

That’s right Parcel Post had a birthday, so lets celebrate with some spring surprises.  TO WIN: just leave a comment to this post stating something you’re looking forward to this summer. 

I’ll announce the winners on May 14th so be sure to check back!

PRIZE No. 1 : A set of 3 Washi Tapes

PRIZE No. 2 A set of 3 twin ring notebooks

PRIZE No. 3 A set of 3 patterned pens

Winners will be randomly selected and will each receive one of the prizes shown above.

Good luck!


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146 thoughts on “post No.573 Givaway Time!

  1. Hmm…. what am I looking forward to this summer…? Hmmm… vacation, sunshine, cool watermelon and cold lemonade on a hot day (but not necessarily together), playing tag at the park, staying up late to watch the sun go down, dripping ice cream cones, hikes through the mountains (okay, so I really mean a stroll), laying in the grass to stare at the stars … Mmmmm…. Summer!

  2. I am excited to have the summer outdoor movies at the hollywood forever. I love just bringing a blanket and a picnic and watching something like the Maltese falcon on the “big screen.”

  3. I’m looking forward to the two week road trip I’m taking with my sister. We are flying to Orlando and driving up to New York then flying back to CA! So excited!

  4. i love when its warm at night.. i’m looking forward to just hanging out with friends.. having some beers, and enjoying the late night warm weather. its the best.

  5. I’m moving…1010 miles away. I’m looking forward to starting anew, and the excitement the move will bring. And to be done packing and have all my stuff back!!

  6. SOOO looking forward to my vacation in Portland in June over my husband’s and my 1 year wedding anniversary.

    Congrats on Parcel Post turning 3!!

  7. My two sisters (one in London, the other in Philly) have just had their first babies: a British Clara Rose, and a mini Eagles fan, Keegan. LA feels so far away from both.. As summer approaches I’m looking forward to starting a new sisterly penpal tradition between the three of us.
    So~ To summer: balmy nights keeping bonds tight while corresponding over long distances!

  8. I’m looking forward sun and smiles and calmness… some new dress and funny ways to stay with my children and my man!

  9. I’m looking forward to wrapping up my wedding planning … 🙂

    happy 3rd birthday, keep up the great work!

  10. Heading to California with my entire family of 5 to drive down the Coastal Highway and see all the sites. Muir woods, Alcatraz, Santa Barbara, Carmel, LA, and SD. Can’t wait!
    (we live in Pennsylvania!)

  11. happy blog birthday!!

    i’m looking forward to the warm weather and spending time outdoors with my hubs and dog!

  12. happy birthday! i’m looking forward to picnics and spending time with my family on my birthday. my birthday usually falls in the first day of summer ^_^

  13. oh dear, there are so many things that i’m looking forward to! reading a book under the shade of a tree. enjoying a cocktail out on the lake. taking a stroll around the neighborhood as the sun sets at 9. celebrating birthdays. baseball games. ah summer!!!

  14. I am definitely looking forward to going to the beach and watching my twin nieces run around and have fun! 🙂

  15. Happy blog birthday! It’s been such a pleasure reading for the past few years.

    This summer, I’m looking forward to my nieces’ and nephew’s birthday party (all three have birthdays within a week of each other!), because we will be getting them their first swing set.

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  17. The thing I am looking forward to the most this summer is getting to relax out in the sun and read a good book. Also, float trips! I can’t wait!


    What an awesome giveaway!

  18. Summer…freckles and salty, crispy skin…fresh corn, basil and tomato salad…warm nights that stay light until 9 pm…BBQs…wine spritzers on the beach…dipping my toes in the ocean (and maybe even taking a full dip by late summer)…live music at the Greek…friends…flip flops…and fun.

  19. i live in LA, so we truly do have summer practically all year round (i know, how obnoxious), but the best part of summer are people’s laid back attitudes. there’s something about summer that everyone is just EXPECTED to relax, have fun, throw some burgers on the grill, and hang out. can’t wait!

  20. I’m looking forward to celebrations, cookouts, my 30th birthday, and great time with friends and family.

  21. definitely looking forward to the warm weather and winding down a bit before the new school year begins! 🙂

  22. I am looking forward to showing off LA to my brother when he’s visiting, going camping, and getting some of the DIY projects for my September wedding ready.

  23. How fun! Congratulations and Happy Birthday:)

    I’m looking forward to participating in ‘parcel posts’ myself this summer, during my husband and I’s honeymoon to Israel, Italy and Greece… a trip of a lifetime! So blessed and grateful and look forward to sharing our experiences and memories of trip by sending postcards and parcels to loved ones!

  24. I am looking forward to absolutely no structure in my kids’ lives and teaching them the fine art of just hanging.

  25. i can’t wait for this summer! my husband and i are backpacking eastern europe for 4 weeks! would love some travel notebooks 🙂

  26. I am looking forward to the possibility of having a small wedding party and an Italian honeymoon before I start grad school in the fall.

  27. I’m looking forward to spending all my weekends walking the streets of santa monica and venice soaking up the sun!!

  28. Three? My how time flies!!

    Summer time means I get to look forward to swimming, nectarines, weekends at the beach and my wedding anniversary. All great things!

  29. Happy Birthday! This summer I’m looking forward to moving all the way to Portland, Oregon from Brooklyn, NY. Summertime in Portland should provide a treasure trove of new adventures!

  30. Yay! I just celebrated a birthday last thursday! I am looking forward to watching the sunset over the pacific ocean and a slower time at work so I can reorganize my office (my “happy place” is to reorganize and find new paper/office products to use!)

  31. this summer, i’m looking forward to visiting with family & friends and seeing how my son grows and matures after spending 3 separate weeks of boy scout activities before starting high school in the fall. life moves so quickly~

  32. Well, I never go swimming.
    I’m just not into the whole “bathing suit” thing.
    But this summer things are changing and I’m making the effort to go to the pool. I’m gonna do it and I’m gonna love it. Look out, Sharks! (Now how’s about a roll of Washi tape..)

  33. I’m loking forward to teaching at summer camp. Zip lines, swimming, horseback riding and archery…. here I come!

  34. happy birthday, parcel post! i LOVE the summer…sunshine, beach days, bike rides, road trips, 4th of july! i’m really looking forward to a trip back to the midwest as well, to see my mom & dad, my beautiful cousin get married, & play with my nieces & best friend’s new baby boy!

  35. I have a bit of a wait for summer because our summer has just finished. I am from Australia. I love relaxing outdoors with good friends on long hot summer evenings.

  36. I’m looking forward to some down time to get back in touch with old friends by writing to them old style!

  37. Impromptu cocktails on the front lawn with all our neighbors. It all began with a birthday party for our doggie thrown by my two boys. All our neighboring dogs were welcomed. It blossomed into a gathering every week, kids, adults and dogs included as we rotated hosts.

  38. I’m looking forward to hot summer nights at the beach! I love the warm air mixed with the scent of the ocean 🙂 Thanks for offering your awesome goodies for the giveaway!

  39. I’m looking forward to coconut s’mores, fireflies, flip-flops, tanning oil, lemon chapstick, and fireworks.

  40. Happy birthday! What great giveaway! This summer, I am looking forward to smelling like sunscreen and soa under the sun out in the garden. More power to you parcel post!

  41. I’m looking forward to free summertime outdoor concerts! Here in Baltimore, we had the first of the season a bit early, on this past Thursday. It was a delight!


  42. This summer I look forward to seeing my friend propose to his girlfriend at the top of the Santa Monica mountains after a group hike! It will be so much fun to see him express his love for her. Everyone except the bride-to-be knows about the plan. 🙂

  43. I’m a school teacher, and I can’t wait for summer because it means two months of no papers to grade and no lessons to plan. It’s just two weeks, and I’m counting!

  44. I’m a school teacher, and I can’t wait for summer because it means two months of no papers to grade and no lessons to plan. It’s just two weeks away, and I’m counting!

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