post No.593 Closed Thursday 6/30

It’s that time of year again for us to count our hearts out over here at Urbanic.  We’ll be closed for inventory tomorrow June 30th, and back open again on July 1st. (with blood shot eyes and lots of new treasures!)


post No.592 Bitty Bags

Happy Monday all!  At Urbanic we recently adorned our shelves with these ‘bitty bags’ from Whisker Graphics. They are completely adorable and seriously as small as you could possibly imagine. (think smaller than your hand!) They are perfect for little favors, small gift packaging and tiny note delivery.

I was so excited to see that my pals over at 100 layer cake did a post on some creative ways you could use them. Go here to see!

post No.590 Twelve!

Yesterday when we were out at brunch I noticed an elderly couple sitting at a nearby table.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I was captivated by how beautiful they looked. The beauty was not from their physical appearance though, but something that radiated from them together as a couple. Something very real and true.  A visible commitment of staying together till the end.  Partners for life.

Today Joshua and I are celebrating our 12 year wedding anniversary. This is a photo someone took of us on our wedding day right after we changed and were running to the car for our honeymoon. This morning, I’m reflecting on these last 12 years together and feeling so thankful to have him as my partner in life.  Our commitment is still strong and we have some pretty big plans to get wrinkled and grey together …  and hopefully brunch ’till the end of time!

post No.589 desk smarts

A box of new desk goodies arrived at the shop yesterday from Girl of All Work and as always, I’m amazed at how genius her inventions are. For example, why not make grueling tasks such as paying bills fun?  I love that these little “paid” stamps can pretty things up and bring a bit of pleasure to such a hum-drum task.  The coolness of page pockets and flags are motivation to stay organized.  Perfect timing on this delivery by the way since I’m about to attempt a major desk cleaning overhaul.  yikes.

happy weekend friends!


post No.584 Lisa Stickley at Urbanic

I recently discovered designer Lisa Stickley and immediately jumped on a mission to get her stationery collection into the shop.  It was a bit of a challenge since the line is from London but it’s a mission accomplished because it is now available at Urbanic. woot woot!  Everything about this line is fresh. The patterns, the colors, the concept. Hard to tell from these pics but the colors are really bright. Like, borderline neon bight.

such cute inside detail to this notebook

pencil sets

set of daybooks

assorted notecard sets

post No.583 Wiley Valentine *special offer *

Happy Friday all!  Today I’m posting a special offer for 1 lucky bride from Wiley Valentine.  At the stationery show they debuted a special new collection of some brand new luxe additions that I’m absolutely crazy about! They’re gearing up to letterpress the collection to showcase in their new albums on beautiful heavy stock and thought  … “why not let an Urbanic bride take advantage of this upgrade as a total bonus?!”  That being said, the first bride to order from the new collection will get their whole suite upgraded to letterpress on 2-ply paper.  Meaning, that whatever lucky lady contacts us first will only have to pay for their wedding invitation suite flat printed on standard luxe paper. This is a HUGE savings as I’m sure you can imagine. The completed set will be inserted into all the Wiley Albums making that customized set famous for many years to come.  If you’re interested contact us ASAP for either an appointment at the shop -or- to work out this order via email.  A few of the suites are posted below but you can preview the entire new collection here.

Chevron Chic

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