post No.584 Lisa Stickley at Urbanic

I recently discovered designer Lisa Stickley and immediately jumped on a mission to get her stationery collection into the shop.  It was a bit of a challenge since the line is from London but it’s a mission accomplished because it is now available at Urbanic. woot woot!  Everything about this line is fresh. The patterns, the colors, the concept. Hard to tell from these pics but the colors are really bright. Like, borderline neon bight.

such cute inside detail to this notebook

pencil sets

set of daybooks

assorted notecard sets


3 thoughts on “post No.584 Lisa Stickley at Urbanic

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  2. MMMM – everything is so yummy and pretty – I especially love the pink floral notecards above. Congratulations on a stationery-loving girls dream. Makes me want to sit down and write lovely missives to my friends:: Alison

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