post No.598 some days away

Lately I’ve been twitter/blog/facebook/pinterest absent.  We had a little family vacation up North and when I came back I was dealing with computer issues for an entire week which sent me into a (not-good) never land. Anyway, back up to speed finally and have lots up my sleeve to blog for next week.  I’ve missed you all!

Above are some pictures from our vacation. This trip is not something we were actually planning on doing. Joshua and I always get bogged down with work so the time and finances never seem right to take a vacation or even a real day off.  Since we opened the store almost 5 years ago we never actually have. We were lucky enough to have Joshua’s parents lovingly force us to this journey.  They see how much we work and created this as an intervention for us. I realized on this trip how imperative it is when you have your own business, to take time to actually stop and enjoy quality family time and preserve some time without any work or means to a computer.  If you work your own schedule and can completely relate to what I’m saying about never allowing yourself down-time, I totally encourage you to take a baby-step and allow yourself even 1 day off.  It makes SUCH a difference!  (Oh, and please make sure you get a good badminton match in there somewhere as well. haha!)


PS  if you are reading this Lisa and Ray, we can’t thank you enough for stepping in and making this happen for us!


4 thoughts on “post No.598 some days away

  1. Good for you! It’s tough to take time off when you own your own business but I have found it to be one of the most rewarding things. Spending quality time with family is the best medicine for the hard working!

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