post No.599 Lilly and Charlie

For my ‘wedding weekly’ post of the week, I wanted to highlight the impeccably amazing wedding of Lilly and Charlie. This wedding is a special one for me because (a.) Emily Kelly, (who is one of my best friends and partner in U+U) planned and designed it, and (b.) the bride Lilly, who also had a hand in the creativity, is a Venice local neighbor and the designer of a candle line we carry. Every detail of this wedding is perfection. I of course am going crazy over the invitations and paper details.  The vintage-inspired ferry ticket (most people ferry out to Martha’s Vinyard) invited guests to welcome drinks. So genius. Other sheer brilliance is the postcard/escort rack and the pie and cocktail rosettes. Love. Love. Love.

{photo layout by our rad intern } • {photos by Jesica Antola}

2 thoughts on “post No.599 Lilly and Charlie

  1. Oooooo! I’m drooling, drooling, DROOLING over these fabulous photos! Everything looks incredible — especially that paper suite. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks again for putting the lovely Emily in touch with me to collaborate on the finishing touches of the stationery suite. It was so much fun to find the perfect red, white and blue, airmail and nautical stamps to complete their vision. As one can imagine I was nearly beside myself to see my work on the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings, but even more so to see how beautiful the event was as a whole : )

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