post No.608 what’s been up

Hey Parcel Post readers, you might be wondering where I’ve been as of late since my blogging has been so sparse these days.  Well, I’m head-deep in multiple projects right now.  Besides my normal work each day for Urbanic  here’s what I’ve been up to …  1. throwing a baby shower for a good friend, 2. planning a baptism for my son  3. working on beautifying the inside and back yard our home and 4. EXPANDING URBANIC!   whooo-hooo!  I use all caps very sparingly, so please know that I am in fact shouting this. I’m shouting it from the rooftops I’m so excited! We have outgrown our tiny space and are tearing down a wall to create more room. There will be more space to shop, more shelves full of product and more room to host our brides and grooms in our bridal lounge.  We will be open for business throughout the expansion so please pardon our dust in the meantime. We expect to be finished sometime in late fall. Until then, I will definitely be keeping you posted!



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