post No.609 5th annual giveaway!

That’s right folks, Urbanic turned 5 this month and to celebrate it’s time for our annual birthday giveaway! TO WIN: Just comment on this post with 3 (or 5) things you did this summer. The winners will be randomly chosen and will each win one of the prizes listed below.  I’ll announce the winners on 9/8. so be sure to check back.

To all of you who have supported us over the last 5 years, Joshua and I want to say thank you. We wouldn’t be here without you.


Prize No.1 : a telephone message pad by Rifle

Prize No.2 : A spool of Divine Twine

Prize No.3 : A Susy Jack Notebook

Prize No.4 : A TriTone pen

Prize No.5 : A Shoegazing Stationery Set

{5 picture- confetti system}

138 thoughts on “post No.609 5th annual giveaway!

  1. ‎!!!!!!!!!! happy birthday urbanic!!!!!! this summer i 1. rode my bicycle twenty miles to visit your store 2. kept a strict journal of my summer days and 3. explored water caves!!!!!!!

  2. I’m from Brazil, can I take part? Please?
    Though it’s winter here I did some nice things:
    1. I graduated (yay!)
    2. I started an art journal
    2b. I completely failed at art journaling
    3. I bought a new analog DIY camera, I’m still anxiously waiting for it while watching the “how-to-assemble” video over and over. It’s going to be tricky!
    4. Took lots of pictures with my old analog camera, but I’m too broke to develop them right now…
    5. Started following your blog. Gaga bless GoogleReader! =D

  3. Saw the fireworks in New York City for 4th of July. Went to New Orleans for my brother-in-law’s wedding. Spent a LOT of time at the movies. Rode the Ferris Wheel in Wildwood.

  4. 1. Graduated Undergrad!
    2. Babysat my new nephew!
    3. Got a Graduate Assistantship for Grad School
    4. Took a TON of photos
    5. Watched way too many movies!

    Happy Birthday, Urbanic!

  5. Went to the U2 concert. Outside, in the pouring rain.
    Spent my first 4th of July in the city instead of at the lake.
    Picnicked outside with 50 other people at a farm to table breakfast.

  6. Yay! Happy birthday and thanks for a chance to win the giveaway!

    Things I did this summer….
    1. Was a bridesmaid in a good friend’s wedding
    2. Vacationed in Hawaii with family
    3. Started a Smash book journal and have filled it with lots of inspiration and ideas!

  7. Went to FL for the 4th of July
    Went to a gorgeous beach wedding
    Made some really great new designs for personal stationery
    Spent hours reading Urbanic’s blog every single day !
    Took a few days off for once

  8. Congratulations on the anniversary guys! It is nice to see such a wonderful business doing so well.

    Five things from this summer…hmm…

    Hung five paintings in a local cafe.
    Celebrated my daughter’s 10th birthday.
    Went to the Harry Potter theme park at Universal.
    Created new designs for greeting cards.
    Converted my spare bedroom into a dedicated studio. (YAY!)

    Thank you for posting this. Good luck to everyone who posts!

  9. happy 5th birthday!!!!

    i’m so sad the summer is drawing to a close :(.

    1. celebrated my sister’s engagement
    2. traveled to south africa for a friend’s wedding
    3. maintained my oh-so-lovely tan
    4. read a ton of great girly books
    5. started baking a baby in my belly (my favourite!)!!

  10. Happy fifth birthday! 🙂 Many more to come. And hope to get down to venice to check out the (paper) wares in real life, not just online!

    This summer I:
    1) Went to visit friends in Seattle – first time visit!
    2) Joined twitter (this time much better than the last time I tried!)
    3) Took some leisurely walks on Santa Monica beach and around my neighbourhood.
    4) Enjoyed great produce from the local farmers market.
    5) Started some projects that I’ve been meaning to for a while.

  11. YAY, happiest of happy birthdays!!! So exciting 🙂

    I am having a crazy busy (fun!) summer that included:

    1. A trip out to the West Coast
    2. Quitting my corporate job of nearly 8 years
    3. Purging my house of over 50% of its contents
    4. Saying goodbye to family and friends to move from Minnesota to…
    5. Start a new adventure in Copenhagen, Denmark!

  12. Happy Birthday!
    I LOVE Summers! This year I:

    went on a cruise to Alaska
    watched fireworks 4 times in 2 days
    had my first ever yard sale with friends
    went swimming and cliff jumping in a dirty lake
    had many bike/Sonic drink dates with my dear hubby

    For real, I loved every second (I’m a teacher, so yeah).

  13. Happy birthday to my FAVORITE paper store!

    This summer, I:
    1. Did lots of thrift store shopping
    2. Helped my baby brother move into the college dorms
    3. Bought a new (eco-friendly) car
    4. Found my favorite thank-you cards at your store
    5. Went go-kart racing with my hubby

    Here’s to many many more birthdays!

  14. 1. went to zion national park
    2. started my website
    3. went to my sister’s high school graduation
    4. learned how to make cheesecake
    5. went to like 3054968 baby shower parties

    Here are a few things I did: went to the beach, went swimming in the ocean and the pool, went back east (twice), spent time with a zillion small friends (aka children) and baked with lots of goodies my friends gave me from their gardens! yum!

  16. this summer i
    • renovated a house (this will most likely be a winter project too!);
    • explored a new city;
    • designed some wedding stationery;
    • and started looking forward to next summer!

  17. Happy birthday, Urbanic!

    Summer 2011:
    1. Taught my son how to ride a bike
    2. Went camping on the beach
    3. Said farewell to 20+ co-workers who were laid off
    4. Joined facebook because of no. 3
    5. Celebrated my grandmother’s 95th birthday

  18. 1. I went to the Urbanic Summer Social 🙂
    2. Started a gallery wall in my living room with all my favorite art pieces
    3. Booked a trip to Portland for the fall!

    PS, Happy 5th Birthday Urbanic!

  19. Happy Birthday! This summer was filled with concerts at the Greek Theater, hosting bridal showers and being a bridesmaid to two sweet friends, participating in a handmade market (Queen Bee Market), and hopefully painting my apartment (soon!) 🙂

  20. happy happy happy! congrats!
    1.i drank this awesome cherry flavored beer..i must have drank too much of it because i cant remember the name of it 🙂
    2.a grown man asked me to spoon him..i dont think ill ever recover from that!
    3.i spent way too much time at the beach at night..that much loveliness will spoil you for ever!

  21. Happy Birthday!

    This summer I:
    1) Got my first national mag publication for photos I took at a Kelley Moore event,
    2) Celebrated my niece’s 1st birthday and my great grandfather’s 103rd birthday (twins born 102 years apart!), and
    3) Temporarily moved back home from Seattle to get back on my feet again.

  22. Happy 5th Birthday, Urbanic!!

    This Summer we…

    1. got married
    2. celebrated our daughter’s 9th birthday
    3. packed all our belongings in a container
    4. said goodbye to our family and friends
    5. moved to San Francisco from London

  23. happy birthday urbanic!
    -joined pinterest
    -went to the LA barneys warehouse sale
    -spent quality time with my hubby


  24. happy birthday, urbanic!! 🙂

    three things i did this summer:
    1. went biking along the beach.
    2. decorated my new house with cute vintage finds.
    3. took a trip to san francisco to see friends.

  25. Happy Birthday… (mine’s tomorrow.. the 26th!)
    1. Spent a week in Tahoe
    2. Re-did my guest bedroom
    3. ran a lot… Marathon in October.

  26. 5 is my favorite number! happy fifth!
    1- went to the Jersey Shore for the first time
    2- launched a scrapbook line
    3- went out on a boat on lake michigan
    4- signed up for a half marathon
    5- successfully painted my own nails

  27. happy birthday, urbanic & happy anniversary, audrey & joshua! this summer i:

    1.) saw my beautiful cousin get married to the man of her dreams
    2.) met my best friend’s new bouncing baby boy
    3.) took my first graphic design classes

  28. This summer I:
    1.) Honeymooned in Romania
    2.) explored a Lego land
    3.) read books with a puppy
    4.) learned to make amazing orange-chicken pasta
    5.) and wrote all of my wedding-gift thank you notes,

    all while surviving a record-breaking heat wave. And summer’s not over yet!

  29. This summer has been amazing! I…
    1. Moved!
    2. Got a tan! If you knew me you would get how amazing (and rare) this is.
    3. Went for a canoe ride in Lake Washington

    Congrats on the 5 year anniversary and your expansion!

  30. Happy 5th Birthday!!!

    Here are 5 fun things I did this summer:
    1) Had a wonderful bachelorette party thrown for me in Chicago with terrific friends and family from all over the country.
    2) I threw an airplane themed baby shower for my sister and met her new baby boy when he arrived!
    3) I have planned my entire wedding (9/24!) with my wonderful fiance.
    4) I went hot air ballooning for the second time, out in Temecula, CA.
    5) I started a blog and have published more than 100 posts!

  31. 1. Visisted the Urbanic Store for the first time.
    2. Fell in love with Street Graffiti at MOCA
    3. Had Pajama Days with my two wonderful children
    4. Photographed some of the beautiful things designers create
    5. Had a pity party for the end of summer!

  32. Congrats! Happy 5th Birthday. I LOVE your store, and always find the most creative and fun gifts and cards there.
    The summer 5:
    1. got sunburned taking my son to the pool A LOT. (totally worth the sunburn)
    2. Traveled to the central coast where my son and I caught up with old friends and got apples at a wonderful apple orchard.
    3. Took a statistics class (this one was not so fun AT ALL, but it’s one step closer to the grad degree)
    4. Re-did the extra space/garage to make it into a creative “atelier”.
    5. Enjoyed lots of local delicious eats, . .. oh, and saw the “ARt in the Streets” exhibit.

  33. This summer:
    I rafted down the Arkansas River through Colorado’s Royal Gorge
    I went to the top of Pikes Peak
    I tried quite a few new restaurants
    I started a blog
    I bought a new car

  34. Summers are like Urbanic, warm, happy, full of surprises, and never seize to amaze me 🙂
    So far, I…
    1- Took 3 road trips–San Diego, Yosemite, and Santa Ynez
    2- Threw a dinner party with tons of smiles, FOOD and a homemade, original cocktail… with basil, Gin, elderflower…
    3- Tried multiple new restaurants, my fav being A-Frame!!
    4- Discovered the extremely addictive game of ‘Cornhole’
    5- Did a little too much cloths shopping…. :/

  35. 1*Wedding planning!
    2*Roadtrip to see my sister
    3*Late nights with friends
    4*Youth Camp with my kiddos
    5*At home spa day with my girls

    Thank you!

  36. happy Birthday best store ever! I celebrated my sisters wedding with the best weekend I have ever had. We camped in Mammoth for the first time and it was amazing! I planned a nautical themed baby shower for my sister-in-law and loved every second. I did several day long shopping trips to Abbott Kinney and inhaled Gjelina. I got my first parking ticket at age 32. Happy end of summer!

  37. Hi Folks at Urbanic,

    Happy 5th!

    This summer I:
    • celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary
    • took a five-day trip to Washington, DC
    • visited as a fivesome with my 4 siblings
    • started on my 50th year
    • and read at least 5 great books

    My Best,
    Kate Whiteside

  38. Happy Birthday!!!

    This summer I…..

    1. Went on a running tour of the monuments in Washington D.C.
    2. Ziplined for the first time!
    3. Went on a 5 mile hike to a 25 foot waterfall in the middle of a mountain.
    4. Started a new teaching job : )
    5. Walked along the beaches of Cape Cod

  39. 1. Pointed airplanes in the sky with my 1 year old son
    2. On my birthday yesterday, drove with the windows rolled down in my 94 Camry (with 254,000 miles on it).
    3. Went to the Walker sculpture garden with Henry and saw it in a new way.
    4. Had music class on Wednesdays. Haven’t sang this much ever in my life.
    5. Continuing to paint/illustrate and trying to de-clutter my home office

  40. Happy birthday! This summer I:
    1. Celebrated my 29th birthday
    2. Went to Greece to visit my family
    3. Attending 3 weddings for my dearest friends
    4. Bought a bike
    5. Read three books
    xo, Julie

  41. 1. Hiked a serene trail in British Columbia for a week with my mom.
    2. Ate at Lemonade every chance I got. 🙂
    3. Feel further in love with the man I adore.

    Thanks for the chance at the beautiful gifts! Happy Birthday to a beautiful store!

  42. Happy Birthday Urbanic!! This summer I have….
    1. Started my own line of wedding invitations
    2. Helped run a kids sports camp with 14 3 year olds!
    3. Moved to Marina del Rey with my boyfriend for the very first time.
    4. Sat by my new pool in the middle of the week and finally started to learn how to relax.
    5. Biked 20 miles in my beach cruiser and couldn’t have had more fun.
    Here’s to my favorite paper store, I’m from Portsmouth NH and Gus & Ruby Letterpress sends their praises to you all as well.

  43. 1. earned my Montessori teaching certificate
    2. moved out of our apartment a month before moving to Switzerland (without the help of my husband) and somewhat successfully shipped our things
    3. dipped my toes in the water, I’m sorry, wasser, of the German language
    4. reunited with my husband in Switzerland, then rushed off to see Arcade Fire at the Guggenheim in Bilbao
    5. learned I love riding trains

  44. Happy Birthday Urbanic!!!!
    1. Married a awesome guy.
    2. Moved to a new area where I don’t know anyone.
    3. Took lots of pics of all my new adventures.
    4.Took a road trip to Arizona. It was so HOT!!!!
    5. Start planning the gifts I will make for Christmas

  45. Happy Birthday Urbanic!!

    1. Went to Tanzania for 3 weeks! (with National Geographic)
    2.Went on a Safari for 1 week and camped in the national park (lions and elephants all around!!)
    3. Finished monist of my college applications!
    4. Got a new camera and learned much more about photography
    5. Spent time with friends i hadn’t seen in a long time

  46. ah…summer. i love it!
    > took my two sons to the Peterson Auto Museum in LA – it has now topped their list over ice-cream and candy
    > shared sangria and conversation with friends at concerts in the park while the kiddos played wild and free
    > toured the USS Midway in San Diego with my family and heard fascinating stories from a War Veteran and pilot
    > camped in the San Bernardino Mountains in Pine Cove/Idyllwild and learned that to camp well, it takes skill…and the right gear : became REI members
    > watched my oldest son learn to surf in Huntington Beach at Bolsa Chica while my youngest and I collected beautiful seashells
    I could go on – there were many more fun moments and summer highlights (including my 20 year High School reunion)!
    happy birthday – thank you for gifting us with your creativity!

  47. 1 – Relaxed in Palm Springs at the pool with cocktails
    2 – Had a picnic on the beach in Santa Barbara with wine, cheese and a baguette
    3 – Rode bikes in Paris to the Jardins and took photos
    4 – Watched the French Open and celebrated at a bar in London with the locals
    5 – Planned my wedding with my future husband and found my dream wedding dress

  48. Happy 5th Birthday!
    This Summer I …
    1. Went to Oahu and hiked to a waterfall in Kaneohe
    2. Volunteered at Serve the City LA
    3. Team won the City Hunt scavenger hunt for Pasadena!
    4. Ate the freshest oysters and visited “The Steins Collect” exhibit at SFMOMA
    5. Went to the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA

  49. Congrats to Urbanic on 5 wonderful years of supplying us with amazing goodies! This summer was dedicated to:
    1.Finally finishing our move from L.A to S.F
    2. The husband and I purposefully got lost {and left all smart phones at home} on our bikes to discover our new city.
    3.Fully embraced local artists through new shops and music
    4. Got back in contact with my former bff just in time for you daughters 1st bday
    5. Dreamed of still being on the warm and sunny Venice beach while watching my dog play in the sand at our new beach. {can you tell, I sort of miss it}

  50. 1) Rearranged the living room
    2) Made new friends
    3) Slept in a tent
    4) Bought white pants for the first time
    5) Helped plan and celebrate two co-worker’s weddings

  51. Happy happy birthday! Seems a lot of shops are celebrating birthday around this time 🙂

    1. Participated in 7 craft fairs
    2. Made over 60 ice cream sandwich cookies from scratch, in the shape of cows, chickens and piggies
    3. Bought my first REAL bike (because the one I had since the 7th grade… ehhh)
    4. Went on a road trip up the west coast
    5. Got a boyfriend (YEAH!)

  52. Happy 5 years!! Let’s see this summer I

    1) Moved to Los Angeles!
    2) Hunted flea markets & craft fairs for things to repurpose and DIY for my new apartment
    3) Did a whole lot of baking

  53. Went to Kansas City for my cousin’s wedding! Shot a short film that I also acted in! Got to drive a 1965 Ford Falcon (that was AWESOME)! Learned how to make a blueberry pie!


  54. Hooray for 5 years!
    1) Went to Disneyland
    2) Braved the rainy season of Costa Rica
    3) Cheered my husband on at his weekly Sunday softball game
    4) Joined weight watchers and have lost 8 pounds so far!

  55. I feel like I’m running my luck entering another giveaway.. but can’t resist, the items are way too awesome!

    1) biked to Coney Island
    2) bought a vintage Singer sewing machine
    3) mailed out my wedding invitations!
    4) slept in a tent on a dock
    5) went wine tasting

    I LOVE Summer and am always shocked then the end of August rolls around..

  56. Happy Birthday!

    Took baby on her first road trip – all the way to Oregon.
    Went back to work after maternity leave
    Quit working after returning from maternity leave!
    Baked tons of cookies and cobblers
    Visited my grandmother


  57. HBU! Summer was crazy. Daughter got married in June, hubby and I went on an Alaskan cruise in July, drove son from KS to California in August for school, now am catching up and relaxing the rest of the summer.

  58. We went to Spring Creek with friends, softball games every Sunday, and basically hung at home the rest of the time! It was a good summer.

  59. Happy birthday Urbanic!

    This was a fabulous summer, that included these five fabulous things:

    1. sipping rose on a terrace on the boulevard St. Germain des-Pres with my best friend

    2. designing my newly expanded aerial dance studio

    3. moving in with my boyfriend

    4. turning 37

    5. planting violets

  60. Summer fun in the sun with my hubs & two little boys
    – waterfront bike rides & fountain splash-a-thon
    – California road trip with lots if stops to see friends & family
    – simple stuff like backyard bbqs & bubbles!!!

  61. This summer I …

    -became pregnant with twins (!)
    -took a family vacay to Cabo
    -moved into a new home
    -made 26 DIY guitar party favors
    -bought wallpaper

  62. Hooray Birthdays! I love birthdays! Soooo, this summer I’ve accomplished the following:

    * started a pinterest & have become obsessed
    * learned to make my own ice pops full of fresh fruits and herbs
    * had a sunday funday bbq every week, all friends invited
    * began running 4 miles, 4 days a week

  63. Happy birthday, Urbanic! This summer I’ve been planning a wedding, so I’ve basically done the following: 1. Selected beautiful stationary for invitations; 2. Started circuit training using Nike Training Center app; 3. Trying new and delicious recipes from “The Best Recipe”; 4. Eating Good Food; 5. Bought a new home! 😀

  64. Happy Birthday!! How exciting!

    This summer I …
    1. Went to NY/DC
    2. Went to PHX
    3. Took a letterpress class (and LOVED it)
    4. Took an illustrator class
    5. Had BBQs and ate yummy food.

    Summer is amazing!

  65. I turned 60 this summer. I made a book that explained to my adult kids and their spouses what I know upon turning 60. I was a part of the closing of a 80 year old family business. I decided that I still don’t like canteloupe. I retired!

  66. Happy, Happy Birthday!!

    This summer I:

    1. went to 2 Craft Fairs: SF Renegade & UniqueLA
    2. explored Seattle
    3. rode on the Wendella River Boat
    4. shopped my 1st Kindergarten Supply list for my son! YAY!
    5. realized I have a love affair with vintage paper


  67. 1) Chased one of my favorite bands up the California coast.
    2) Found out I’m going to be an Auntie!
    3) Did the stationary design for my cousin’s wedding.
    4) Learned how to letterpress, screen print, etch, and woodcut.

  68. wow, congrats! I spent several days at the beach, spent one week in Idaho on Lake Stanley, crafted with friends, crafted alone, volunteered at Vacation Bible School!

  69. Three things I did!!
    1. I worked.
    2. I visited family in Ohio.
    3. I worked some more.
    4. I helped my brother move from Connecticut to Arkansas.
    5. I worked some more.

  70. Happy B’day Urbanic!
    Can summer really be almost over??!!
    I’ve tried to make the best of it by:

    1) Taking my dog Canela to Laguna Beach to swim at Treasure Island Beach.
    2) Crafting! Repurposing vintage china, vases, glasses, candlesticks into new decorative homegoods.
    3) Re-designed our patio and had it rebuilt.
    4) Going to Bar One in NoHo every Wednesday night to spin real vinyl records and drink sangria.
    5) Rescuing a 3 week old feral kitten and taming her to be a new member of our household—welcome Gracie!

  71. We traveled to Kansas City, Austin and San Francisco in one month!

    Celebrated the hubby’s 40th.

    Went to Disneyland twice with the kiddo!

  72. 1. vegas, baby
    2. lots of BBQ’s
    3. summer concerts outdoors
    4. hanging out at the beach
    5. taking a break after 10 years of work

  73. This summer, I:
    1) learned Portuguese- Feliz aniversário, Urbanic!
    2) learned to scuba dive- and became obsessed with it!
    3) taught my sister how to drive. Still recovering.
    4) went to 3 weddings and a funeral.
    5) got new tires- after 17 states and 1 Canadian province, they were needed!

  74. Let’s see…
    1. Gardened and shared the bounty with my coworkers and family.
    2. Started a challenge to declutter.
    3. Worked, worked, and worked some more.

    Happy Birthday!

  75. HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS! I really don’t think it gets any better than Urbanic! xx

    1. Got a gorgeous Linus bike for my birthday (and took many terrific rides).
    2. Played in the sand and surf.
    3. Wrote over 100 letters to strangers and friends alike.
    4. Read seven books (confession: mostly beach reads).
    5. Discovered ebay.

  76. Congrats! To many more!

    1) Got to hang with a friend’s family who traveled to the US (from Italy) for the first time since they welcomed me into their home when I was traveling through Europe in 2006
    2) Finally bought a Wacom tablet
    3) Repainted this awesome end table a beautiful vibrant coral color
    4) Put together more IKEA furniture
    5) Took a river/lakeboat tour in Chicago (sitting on a boat with friends and listening to a handsome young history buff talk about architecture on a beautiful summer evening? yes please)

  77. Happy Birthday, Urbanic! This summer, I:
    1. did a consulting project in China
    2. explored coffee shops in LA
    3. catched up with some friends and family

  78. Happy BDaY! You guys are my favorite store on earth!…This summer I:
    1. took many trips to Urbanic during my lunch breaks
    2. made pinwheels at the Urbanic summer social
    3. started a blog
    4. learned how to make jelly
    5. studied and took the GRE!

  79. Happy Anniversary! This summer I’ve done a ton of things!

    ~Went on a road trip with my sister. We flew to Orlando and went to Savannah, Charleston, Wilmington, Middleburg, DC, Harrisburg, and NY!
    ~Saw one of my best friends from high school get married.
    ~Moved my sister into college at San Diego State University where she is now a freshman.

  80. Congratulations! 5-year is definitely a great accomplishment!
    3-5 things that I learned this summer:
    1) I spent a lot of great time interning with Paper&Type & El Petit Elefant.
    2) I learned how to use illustrator through a 6-week course.
    3) I explored my own area in Los Angeles that I’d love to bring all my friends and new comers to.
    4) I went back to Taiwan and visit my daddy and older sister for a month! It was very exciting!
    5) I fell in love with basil-cucumber water! 😀

  81. So Exciting – 5 years!
    1. went to seaside, florida and enjoyed the white sandy beaches!
    2. my sweet baby boy learned to crawl
    3. tried coconut water!
    4. celebrated my in-laws 40th anniversary
    5. had plenty of patio bbq’s with great friends!

  82. I went to the Pinterest meetup at Urbanic, which was a summer highlight! I also drank lemonade, visited Seattle and San Francisco and styled a new shelf for my living room. Awesome giveaway, and congrats on 5 wonderful years!

  83. Happy Birthday, and Congratulations!

    This summer I…
    1. Finished writing chapters 1 through 5 of my novel (just 19 more to go!)
    2. Sold off the last of the infant gear crowding our house
    3. Booked a trip to Grand Cayman for our first family trip (using proceeds from said baby gear)
    4. Discovered the decadence of lavender and rose macarons
    5. Flew to Seattle with a toddler and infant!

  84. Happy birthday! 🙂

    1. Went on a roadtrip from Indiana to California.
    2. Took the LSAT.
    3. Volunteered at the courthouse.
    4. Partied in Vegas.
    5. Laid in bed all day.

  85. woot! half a decade!

    this summer, i… moved out and into the apt down the street, traveled to the other side of the world to extract wisdom teeth, and managed to obtain a severe sunburn while looking at sheep

  86. Congratulations Urbanic!
    For me, this was a summer of “firsts”:
    1. first visit to the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound’s Feline Conservation Center (The Cat House) in Rosamond, CA (love the snow leopards!)
    2. first time seeing a Groundlings show (& I’ve lived 2 blocks away for over 15 years!)
    3. rode the train up to the Sacramento area for the first time
    4. took my friend Tony ice skating for HIS first time (he loved it!)
    5. & after working @ the same company for over 20 years, this summer was the first time I got to choose new furniture for my office (matching furniture, what a concept!)

  87. congrats! 🙂 let’s see, 5 things i did this summer…
    1. ate goat cheese for the first time – it was DELICIOUS
    2. went back to my home country after 9 years
    3. taught at a math camp
    4. moved to boston
    5. started college!

    congrats again!

  88. Happy birthday!!! This summer I:

    1. went on a family vacation to Outerbanks, NC. First family vacation in years 🙂
    2. chopped off all my hair…I’m talking it’s 1in. long (short). love it
    3. am spending more time with friends, investing more in my relationships, & enjoying the life I have.

  89. Bon Anniversaire!

    This summer I:

    1. Visited Urbanic Paper Boutique :-> (and got a parking ticket :-< )
    2. Created handmade books and journals
    3. Decoupaged my kitchen table

  90. Happy 5th Birthday!

    In this very busy summer, I

    1. attended my friend’s joyful wedding
    2. went hiking and went to the beach
    3. handmade some paper medallions
    4. planned to start my own online business

  91. This summer:

    1.Moved into the brand new Children’s Hospital that I work at
    2. Visited Northern Idaho
    3. Had my first Vegas weekend with friends

  92. happy birthday Urbanic!!
    this summer i…
    i. got a few of my closest girlfriends to be my pen pals. hooray for snail mail!
    ii. started taking percussion lessons with an amazing teacher
    iii. happily found out my partner’s year of chemo was a success – he just had a negative blood test last week so thank god he’s healthy!

  93. Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I’m so glad I found it, there’s so much inspiration and creativity here…thanks so much for publishing something so great!

    Let’s see 5 things I did this summer…
    1. Gave my first maid of honor speech at a wedding in Playa del Carmen Mexico
    2. Went to my very first estate sale
    3. Celebrated my 6 year wedding anniversary
    4. Ate cold mushrooms in a salad for the first time
    5. Went swimming with my 2 fabulous nephews


  94. This summer I have:
    1) attended four outdoor, sweaty, exuberant weddings
    2) celebrated my thirteenth wedding anniversary with my Partner In Mayhemian Pursuits
    3) seen my daughter off to New Zealand and back again
    4) quit my job in healthcare to pursue a creative lifestyle full-time
    5) slept less than I ever have before and enjoyed it way more

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  96. Happy Birthday, Urbanic!!

    My five:
    1. Hosted Aunt J camp for my two nephews for a week (lots of crafts, swimming, reading, racing cars, and Wii!)
    2. Celebrated my own birthday in June, and then my husband’s four days later
    3. Hiked at Yosemite National Park
    4. Cleaned and staged our house to sell (come on… sell!)
    5. Packed our most essential items and moved them to a new state

  97. 1. Attended a family Reunion in Michigan. Pinata’s where involved.
    2. Attended a friend Reunion in DC. Cheesecake was involved.
    3. Made soap for the first time. The process was involved.
    4. Debated whether or not to chop all my hair off. Decided against it and now that it’s getting cooler, I’m proud of my restraint.
    5. Ate lots of watermelon.

  98. 1. Went to see “Singing in the rain” at the Beverly Hilton pool movie night.
    2. Went to my last First Fridays at Venice before I moved up to Nor Cal.
    3. Spent a day at the beach relaxing with my friend making friendship bracelets.
    Love the shoegazing cards!

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