post No.623 Ian turns 1.

It seems like just yesterday that Ian was born. The year has flown by and I can’t believe he’s already turning 1.  Since he’s in my arms right now squirming around as I type this, I’ll need to keep it short, but wanted to throw up a quick post in celebration of this little guy. This past year has been the most unfamiliar year of my life. It felt like I had to do a lot of learning in order to figure out a healthy way to juggle things. Having 2 kids + the shop is completely amazing and challenging at the same time. There are so many goals I had with our business that I had to put aside. It’s an agonizing feeling to be pulled by your business and children equally in opposite directions. Both mean so much to me, but I realized that the time when my boys are children is so short in the grand scheme of life that putting them first needs to be my top priority.  Today I am all about balloons, an owl shaped cake, and kissing and squeezing him as much as humanly possible. Happy Birthday Ian!

xo momma

14 thoughts on “post No.623 Ian turns 1.

  1. Much agreed. I have 3 little ones and run Heirloom Occasions. But you have it all straight…they are only little once, enjoy all the kisses you can – and teach them how to be creative in life. It’s one of the best lessons you can share!
    To motherhood and Paper!


  2. I am also a mama to two boys and I can tell you, I turned the page on the calendar and could not believe we’re adding a zero after the one for my oldest in December. Though it can be exhausting and feel limiting at times, the joy of growth and discovery is never greater than in the infancy and toddler years – soak it up 😉

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