post No.624 my birthday in the ER.

I celebrated my birthday last week (the day after Ian’s) and crazily enough I spent it in the ER.  I woke up that morning with my right eye a little cloudy and as the day progressed, it got worse.  Joshua took me out for a series of fun surprises that day and by dinner I had my party dress on and was ready to hang out with some friends when I realized I couldn’t see anything at all out of my right eye.  It was really scary so I headed to the ER. After a ton of testing they determined I had to see a specialist at another location. At this point it was 9:30 pm.  I explained to them that it was my and asked if I could go home to see my family and friends quickly before heading to the next doctor. They okayed it so I stopped home and blew out my birthday candle and gave everyone a hug.  I love this picture because a.) it’s an actual Polaroid photo not an app. and b.) you can see that I have my hospital wrist band on. At this moment I was pretty nervous as I was still not sure what was happening but got a chance to be surrounded by people I love before rushing to meet another doctor.  In the end we found out that I had a swollen cornea which was such good news in comparison to all of the scary things that it could have been.  To all of you who tweeted and facebook-ed me birthday wishes that day, THANK YOU for those!  It brought me so much enjoyment to read those messages as I sat in that horrid waiting room! It’s now several days later and I can see fine again. In looking back on this birthday I think I will always remember it as a pretty amazing one.  It gave me a chance to really appreciate the people I have in my life, and prepare me to accept the things in life that I might not be able control. Plus, now I get to say I had a team of ER doctors sing to me in their scrubs!




{Polaroid – the why we love}


8 thoughts on “post No.624 my birthday in the ER.

  1. Okay that is pretty sucky as birthdays go, but yes you got serenaded by doctors and a good story to boot. Plus don’t you know that you can celebrate your birthday for a full week now? It’s all the rage.


  2. Happy Birthday and glad you are feeling better Audrey! Hopefully I’ll see you on the 10th for the silhouette artist event. A few of the KK girls are coming over with the newest addition to the KK family, 3 month old baby Willa (and hoping she will sit still long enough).

    • Thanks Alexis!

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