post No.635 Cocoa and Cupcakes

Join us on Thursday December 1st for our 2nd Annual Cocoa and Cupcakes holiday event. We have the best of the best on board for this party!  Snow and Graham is flying in from Chicago to host a gift topper paper social, Frosted Cupcakery will be spreading out the finest in holiday baked sweetness, Vosges will be warming us up with their ever-famous Haut Chocolat, and the world renowned Bonnie Tsang will be capturing photos of the evening in a way that no one else can. L.A bloggers and design lovers, Join us for an evening under the starts to unite and celebrate the holidays together over cupcakes and cocoa!

See you there!


p.s Some shots from last year’s event!


6 thoughts on “post No.635 Cocoa and Cupcakes

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