post No.650 It’s Holiday Giveaway Time!

It’s that time of year again for our annual Holiday Giveaway!   TO WIN:  all you need to do is leave a comment to this post describing a special ornament or holiday tradition.  There will be 4 winners randomly selected and announced here on parcel post December 30th so check back to see if you’ve won! Each winner will receive one of the prizes below.


: and the prizes are :

Prize No.1  French Pear candle from Linnea’s Lights

Prize No.2  A 2012 Accordion Calendar from Snow & Graham

Prize No.3  A bar of chocolate from Mast Brothers

Prize No.4  An emporium soap bar from Mor.


hooray for holiday giveaways!

good luck,


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79 thoughts on “post No.650 It’s Holiday Giveaway Time!

  1. I moved away from my hometown and family this year with my husband in the pursuit of a new adventure together and warmer weather. Temporarily, we are living in a not-so-updated apartment, our things (along with Christmas things) are still in boxes. I tweeted (gotta love social media!) about how I wanted a Story People ornament… and a week ago got a package in the mail from my mom (who sometimes checks in on my twitter feed).

    She had picked out a story people ornament with a beautiful saying on it for me… even knowing that we won’t have a tree for it this year. It’s hanging up in my bedroom, and is my favorite ornament by far- tree or no tree.

  2. My favorite ornament is a handmade glass ornament I made this year. Inside the glass ornament are curled strips of my letter press wedding invitation, and so you can read the important parts of the invitation! My husband and I are newlyweds, so making this ornament this year was really fun.

  3. My favorite is a blown glass ornament of a chapel that was made in Germany. It’s absolutely beautiful and looks stunning on the tree backlit by white lights.

  4. Our family holiday tradition, is to spend the 48 hours from Christmas Eve through Christmas day, making home made kimchi. Because kimchi tastes better when it’s marinated in cold weather, as a family we stay up around the clock taking shifts and layering the spices leaf by leaf. It’s extremely labor intensive, but then we make enough to last the entire year! This year, I plan on video taping my mom making the spice mix – no measuring utensils are used! Happy holidays!

  5. I haven’t put up a tree in so long since I am usually traveling during the holidays but I have this little bird that I keep up on my desk light for the festive months!

  6. Each time I look at the small cross-stitched stocking that my mother made I think of her creativity. Inside the stocking was money! The money is long ago spent but the little stocking remains.

  7. My favorite ornament is a little red mug of cocoa with a moose sticking out that says “Glacier Park.” It has three fold specialness to me – 1. We bought it on our honeymoon 2. My nickname has been Moose since I was born and 3. Hot chocolate is my favorite treat. Oh, how I love Christmas sentimentality!


  8. I just bought an amazing antique red bell ornament from a flee market in Germany. It’s a gift for my sister, we all studied German in high school. I am so excited to give it to her.

  9. I have my fingers crossed for that candle!

    – Favorite Christmas tradition –
    Hmmm. I’m gonna have to go with egg nog and rum. It’s not even that good and even a little sickening, but something about getting buzzed on thick, creamy egg nog with Christmas music in the background really brings home the holidays. Especially drinking it with sisters after a long hard day at work..

  10. We have a few Christmas traditions that I love. Every year my mom, sister, and I make and decorate sugar cookies. On Christmas eve my family always goes to my grandmother’s to celebrate and then on Christmas we have dinner at home followed by dessert at a family members house. Looking forward to it!

    Merry Christmas!

  11. My husband is in the military which keeps us moving every few years. Our first Christmas in a new place is always marked by a new ornament on the tree. Our year in Pensacola is represented by two ceramic magic and hope ornaments with bright green ribbon that always bring a smile to my face. Our short stint in Jacksonville is marked by a metal reindeer, and last year’s move to Washington we bought a white dove. These are my favorite ornaments and a special holiday tradition. Happy Holidays!

  12. my favorite ornament: definitely the one my sister made specially for me back when she was still in second grade 🙂 it was beautiful in itself, but just the unexpectedness and sweetness of the fact that she made it for me just made it all the better!

  13. Our family always goes bowling the day after Christmas. Nothing like some greasy bowling-alley food and smoky air to round out the holidays 🙂

  14. This year, I went to an ornament exchange with a group of girl friends. Everyone got a chance to hand craft ornaments to share with each other, and we all went home with new things to put on our trees!

  15. My mom started buying us one of the Hallmark collections when we were young – unfortunately some were discontinued earlier than others. Mine are the rocking horse series…I think it started before I was born in ’84, but I have about 10 or so. I wasn’t really into horses or rocking horses then (or now) but I have a great fondness for them because my mom picked it for me. 🙂

  16. My Mom still has all of ornaments my sister and I made as kids. Every Christmas we find them on the tree and reminisce about when we made them and of course who made the cutest one!

  17. My favorite ornament is a gold embossed paper star with green jewels. I picked it out when I was 8 years old at the Christmas shop in Laguna Beach. The shop was only open around Christmas, and I would wait eagerly for the day I’d go in with my grandmother to pick out my ornament for that year. This is still my all time favorite ornament for the beauty of it and the memories it evokes of time spent with my grandmother.

  18. favorite ornament: candy canes!
    favorite holiday tradition: sleeping in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve with all the lights plugged in.

  19. My favorite holiday tradition was when my mother used to have the youngest grandchild try to find the glass pickle ornament on the tree.

  20. I grew as a foster kid, so I have no particular family traditions which is why now, as an adult, I am creating my very own. My boyfriend and I have started collecting special ornaments reflecting our values, like peace signs- etc. We save them in a special storage box with a note descibing where, when, and why we chose each ornament specifically. Over the past few years, it’s been a nice, sentimental way to decorate the tree and reflect on the meaning of what the season is all about.

  21. My favorite holiday tradition is spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking!
    Growing up, my mother and I would spend all weekend making sweets and preparing for Christmas dinner.
    I love filling the house with warmth and food for all!

  22. My favorite ornaments on my tree this year are crystals I bought from a flea market that used to be in chandeliers. They were very inexpensive and add so much sparkle and fractured light and the satin ribbon them adds a nice finished touch.

  23. Every year I buy a new glass ornament for the tree before Christmas. After Christmas, when ornaments are discounted, I buy with abandon!

  24. Our holiday tradition has always been to celebrate Christmas in January! My husband and I have always found ourselves either apart, traveling, or otherwise unable to celebrate Christmas in December, however, this year is our baby’s (Richard, BTW) first Christmas and we’re discarding the tradition. This is causing havoc as I now see how close we are and how little (nothing) I have done!

  25. My favorite ornament is a toss-up between the beautiful crocheted snowflakes that my precious grandmother made for me and the very creative needlepoint ornaments that my wonderful mother made me….such special reminders of two extremely loving and influential women in my life. I s’pose it’s not entirely surprising that I turned out to be an artist!

  26. My favorite ornament is a small french bread ornament made of painted styrofoam…sort of a faux food item. The reason this has a special place in my heart is that it reminds me of my Dad. He absolutely loved french bread. In fact, he never came home from the market without a baguette in his bag (usually with a big bite out of it already). My dad died of brain cancer almost 20 years ago now. During his last Christmas holiday, he was already having some major dementia and confusion. He saw this mini faux french bread ornament and thought it was real and tried to eat it! Sad story I know…but really it makes me smile to think about it and I smile each year when it goes on my tree!

  27. When I was still a baby my mom started an ornament collection for me including a little Liberty of London doll that was stuffed with lavender. My box of ornaments still, 30 years later, still smells like lavender every time I open it and the scent of lavender always makes me think of Christmas. I have a lot of wonderful ornaments but that’s my very favorite.

  28. My favorite ornament is one I found at my future mother in law’s house. My fiancé had cut out a picture of himself when he was only 5 years old and glued it onto a heart shaped ornament, it was darling!

  29. A homemade frame ornament my Mom-in-law gave me that has two tiny Japanese rice balls made out of clay with eyes that are in full bride and groom gear to commemorate our wedding day. 🙂 Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  30. Growing up, each year my parents gave my sister and I an ornament for our Christmas tree that represented something special that happened to us that year. After 28 years, I have 28 ornaments. Every Christmas I get to bring them back out and they bring back special memories of my accomplishments and activities throughout my life. This is definitely a tradition that I will be continuing with a family of my own some day.

  31. so many wonderful ornament stories – i love it! i think my favorite ornament is one that i painted in girl scouts a million moons ago that is a ceramic christmas tree in green & blue. it has a great modern look, fond memories & shows my perfectionism began at an early age. happy holidays, woollens/urbanic!

  32. My favorite ornament is the one that my fiance tied my engagement ring around when he proposed to me– a surfing Santa with a Hawaiian shirt on, because that’s where we originally wanted to get married. 🙂

  33. My kittens (now cats) have a tradition of scaling the Christmas tree. One, nicknamed “Danger Girl”, then flings herself off onto the nearest piece of furniture, and our boy Taz – named for the Tasmanian Devil – cries pitifully because while he climbs he does not do dismounts. So with Christmas cheer OUR tradition is to reconstruct trees that topple, mop the floor, and ply the cats with catnip to zone them out and console their tree climbing traumas. One big happy family. Happy Holidays! (and so excited for the possibilities that French pear candles have to offer).

  34. My favorite holiday tradition is dinner for Hannukah with my family. Homemade potato latkas, brisket, homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream and most of all the love from my family. As my father gets older I am treasuring these simple meals so much more than I used to.

    BTW, I LOVE Urbanic. We go to your store many times during the year and stock up on cards and goodies. I buy the LePens for special gifts for my students! They love them, too. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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  36. One special holiday tradition in my family is during all holidays, all family members gather together in the morning for a common pooja (worshiping) ceremony and pray for the peace and happiness in the world. It helps us in becoming better human beings!

  37. My favorite holiday decoration: a small, shiny star with a photo of my mother & me hugging. I also make my own Holiday Cards…….over 300 this year!!!

  38. My friend gave me pink, round, translucent ornaments about 5 years ago that look like they would be horrible but I’ve used them on my tree every year and they are amazing!

  39. In the Philippines, we have a tradition we call, Noche Buena, where family eat together on midnight of the 24th to meet the christmas. But my favorite is the 9mornings. For nine mornings starting dec.16, people go to church as early as 4am for a morning mass…

  40. My favorite holiday tradition is cozying up and watching christmas movies with a cup of hot cocoa! My second (least) favorite tradition is trying to get my cat to stop climbing up my christmas tree! 🙂

  41. Love it! My husband and I have a special gold ornament from Seattle that we bought there when we first started dating. Six years later and it still hangs on the very top of our tree! Thanks for a chance to win!

  42. My favorite ornament is one that my grandma made out of yarn – back in the day when people made ornaments vs purchasing them at the big box stores. It reminds me of simpler times as well as family!

  43. My favorite ornament is the one that my son and I made together during our local library’s story time, as he sat on my lap, when he was 1 year old.

  44. We purchase one ornament each Christmas. It gets to be so much fun as our son gets older. This year he chose Lego Darth Vader… he’s only 5 years old. I’m looking forward to many more!

  45. We have a little set of birds made out of egg shells, one for each member of my Family, that was bought on Haight Street in San Francisco. We christened the little green one with a pipe-cleaner scarf my Mother’s because she is always cold. Merry Christmas to Urbanic! “Merry” Anne

  46. We have a long standing family ornament tradition that I absolutely love and cherish. For the last 57 years our family (starting with my grandmother) has bought one Waterford Crystal ornament and given it to each of the children to keep and collect for their families. When my mother and her siblings were too young, my grandmother kept the annual ornaments in a hope chest and then gave them to each as they got married. Similarly, my mother has done this for me and this year, I have bought my own home and have my own tree, decorated with 30 ornaments! I hope to have my own children one day and continue this wonderful family tradition.

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  48. My favorite ornament is one that my husband bought us when we were first married. It has two mice, one on each side, holding on to a big red Christmas ball in the middle. The two mice are significant since we were both born in the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese Zodiac.

  49. Our holiday tradition is to make stuffing with my grandma – all the grandkids come over (young and old) to break the bread and make the stuffing for the turkey..

  50. Love all these amazing gifts! So our tradition that was passed down to me that I do with my kids is that “Jesus” comes to visit our house on Christmas morning instead of Santa. I always knew my mom wrote “Love, Jesus” on the gift tags…because every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights…it’s so special to hear my daughters thank God for all that He has and continues to do for us. 🙂

  51. Hi Parcelpost,
    Thanks for that, I grew up in the South, and the festival meals served in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are wealthy, but total of all of the elements we are not meant to eat. Fats and cholesterol, sodium and empty carbs are as a good deal a element of the time as get-togethers and church expert services. Now I reside in the Southwest, and we add even a good deal more classic fare…oh, the tamales…
    I’ll be back to read more next time

  52. I have started a tradition of buying holiday ornaments on every single vacation. I have quite the collection up until now featuring beautiful ornaments from Paris (Disneyland), London & New York City. But… I have room for more, so I might get started on planning our next trip pretty soon.

  53. One of our favorite Christmas traditions in recent years is to host an “Ornamental White Elephant Party” for our friends. Every year we invite all of our friends over to celebrate Christmas together, usually the week after before New Year’s. I make a special ornament for everyone to take home to document the event. Everyone brings one wrapped ornament – something handmade, one from their own tree, or something store bought under $10 – and we draw numbers. We get to unwrap presents, run around the room stealing the best ones from each other, and laugh more than we probably have all year. If you have never done a White Elephant exchange, and love having a fabulously humorous, interactive time with your friends, you have to try one. You can theme them for any holiday and we plan to do one for Valentine’s Day this year as well. It is a great excuse to have a potluck, and safely pull all of your friends together to round out the year, ringing in the new with love, laughter, and good food.

      • We do too. 🙂 It has made our Christmas’ even more special and we look forward to it every year, even more than opening presents Christmas morning. (well almost hehe) One year we all got an ornament we wanted and no one stole from anyone! It was really funny. We always try to come up with something unique and creative. Handmade has been the most fun. This year we extended it to my daughter’s homeschool Girl Scout troop. There are 5 girls in the group total, including my daughter, so it made it really cozy. We hosted it at our house and all the parents were invited to bring food for sharing and an ornament so they could play too. Everyone raved about it and we have decided to do it for all the major holidays. Valentine’s Day will be homemade Valentines. Easter will be handmade, blown out egg ornaments; one of the mom’s has chickens and her Banthy eggs are sooo small we are going to stockpile some for an ornament making party beforehand. hehe I am an illustrator and paper artist (and unanimously voted in as the Arts & Crafts Leader for the troop first meeting LOL /twistarm) so I plan on designing badges they can earn for it. I’ll be posting them on my site. So, yes, it has snowballed (pun intended) and become something really wonderful.

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