post No.664 Our 2012 prints. Want one?

For our New Year’s card this year I wanted to send friends of Urbanic a little card that was more of an art print. The vision I had was to send something that was desk or bulletin-board worthy with an optimistic message about 2012. We printed these beauties up in gold foil on thick white paper and I have to say, I’m totally in love with the way they turned out! I actually think they are bringing me more happiness then every recipient combined. Since it’s really hard to keep up with everyone’s changing address these days I printed some extras to hand to regulars at the shop AND I also printed extras for you! If you want one, just leave a comment on this post letting us know and then send your address here.




{photos by Maureen Price}

146 thoughts on “post No.664 Our 2012 prints. Want one?

  1. Yes, please! Leaving my address in a sec. Would it be possible, though, to send mine with a note on the envelope to not bend? The post office will otherwise just shove it in our box, which requires bending. 😦 Or maybe the polite request to put between storm and front door? Thank you!

  2. I would love shiny and bright 2012! I did lots of golden screenprint this year, so this would be a perfect guest in my collection. but if someone else gets it, I will be just as happy.

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  4. Thanks to Amy Tangerine I happened onto your post for one of these cuties! How cool would this be for our Project Life album… PLEASE!

  5. Please send? Not looking in the mirror yet cause I had oral surgery yday…but this will be awesome to stick up on mirror for when I can! (o;

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