post No.667 Valentines 2012

Okay, so I’m kind of “in-love” with our Valentine’s selection this year.  Excuse the pun, but seriously, I have no idea which one to get Joshua. We have so many good ones in right now I’m thinking he’s gonna have to get a few.  We did a little photo shoot of a couple for you to see, but you really have to come in and see the whole collection for yourself. We have an entire ‘love wall’ for goodness sakes!

{photos by Mo}

1. night owl + hello lucky  2. eggpress 3. carolyn suzuki 4. ghost academy + eggpress 5. b-designs 6. pixel press + snow and graham 7. A favorite + Pine & Parcel


6 thoughts on “post No.667 Valentines 2012

  1. I received my 2012 Urbanic post card last week and love it even more in person. Thank you so much for sending them out! It is gracing my cork board at work and adding such a festive visual with its gold paper and sleek design. Well done! Thanks a bunch!

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