post No.678 Bonjour from Paris!

Hello all, I’m writing you from Paris France today! Myself, my husband and our 2 little boys had an opportunity to head to Paris for a few weeks and have fallen madly in love with this city. (I’m so dreaming of opening an Urbanic here one day). This is my first time and I’m truly inspired. Obviously by the art, amazing architecture and beauty all around, but also by the pace of the city. People seem to be enjoying themselves everywhere. I’ll be blogging Urbanic stuff and posting more pics from here for another week or so.

‘Til then,  au revoir!


6 thoughts on “post No.678 Bonjour from Paris!

  1. I see that you’ve already found a delightful bakery! My boyfriend grew up there, and we’ve gone back a few times to visit his family. My favorite thing about Paris is there are delicious pastries around every corner. It’s also wonderful to walk all over the city. Enjoy your time there with your family!!!

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