post No.684 Boho Chic candles

I can’t wait until summer. I know it’s not even spring yet and that I’m actually typing this while eating a bowl of soup, but it’s that time of year when you can feel it coming and the warm weather excitement starts brewing. Lately I’ve been re-planning our back yard space, searching for the perfect sandals, and ordering stuff for Urbanic that screams summer.  These boho chic candles by Illume look and smell like a vacation and getting them into the shop seals the deal for me. I’m putting away my sweaters even if that means I have to freeze for the next two months. Summer Social 2012 anyone?

{photos by Maureen Price}


4 thoughts on “post No.684 Boho Chic candles

      • Hi! Thanks for the response. Yes, please add me to the mailing list for when the on-line store launches! I live between Rio and New York so I guess it would be better to wait than to have them shipped. I got so many repins on pinterest – everybody seemed to love them too!

        Once again, thanks!


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