post No.704 Spring Giveaway!

G I V E A W A Y   T I M E


Parcel Post turned 4! Let’s celebrate with a giveaway, shall we?   TO WIN:  all you need to do is leave a comment to this post stating something “in bloom” in your life.  (It can be whatever! a plant, a project, a relationship, a song, some plans, a book – whatever pops into your head first.)  There will be 4 winners randomly selected and announced here on parcel post May 15th so check back to see if you’ve won! Each winner will receive one of the prizes below.


: and the prizes are :


Prize No.1  A fine point French wooden pen

Prize No.2   Poppies for Grace stationery set

Prize No.3  A spring scented 60 hr. Tocca candle

Prize No.4  A (set of 6) letterpressed initial note set


good luck, happy weekend, and thanks for 4 great years!


121 thoughts on “post No.704 Spring Giveaway!

  1. I tore the siding off my back porch and am going to give my entire backyard & porch a much needed facelift. Construction is under way. Every step feels like the bloom is opening more. I can’t wait to see the final flower.

  2. You always have the best giveaways! My husband & I are about to re-do the landscaping (which is currently non-existant) and patio in our backyard. At this time next year there will be a whole lot more blooming when we look out our kitchen window!

  3. Art! I am a interior designer by degree, but have been working as a self-taught watercolor artist for several years. My daughter is graduating from college in a few weeks and she asked me to paint a large painting for her to hang in her apartment that she will move into when she gets her first job (Hope and pray…). I am just starting and I want to have it finished by the time she comes home….it’s in acrylic, large (4′ x 4′), and not in my comfort zone at all…But I am so excited to see what gift will “bloom” from the bottom of my soul that I can give to her!!!

    • As a lover of all thing paper products and having worked in the industry for many years, I’ve finally decided to venture out and start my own greeting card line. The ideas are “blooming” and hopefully the finished line will “spring up” sometime in the fall.

  4. I’d like to spend more time on my Etsy store, West Cermak, so I’m coming up with new ideas for products. I’m also a vendor at the Craftstravaganza Craft Fair next week, so this weekend is working on products and displays!

  5. I suffered an injury whilst volunteering in Africa and had to come back home early. But, springtime is my favorite and I’ve been able to enjoy this beautiful one. ( there’s no such thing as springtime in wonderful west africa) My whole life is in bloom! I’ve done lots of growing as a person and established wonderful flourishing friendships! Getting injured was a blessing in disguise.

  6. My summer travel plans are in bloom! I’m planning a trip to Paris, London, Glasgow, and a little town in Portugal with my boyfriend; and hopefully China and Taiwan with my family later in the summer.

  7. Jasmine, Cala Lilies, Peach Geraniums, White Roses, Strawberries, and Lavender are IN BLOOM in my little Laguna Beach garden! I have talked to my plants all year long (verifiably crazy, I know)… telling them that they are going to be beautiful this year, and they are!

    I also have a small line of cards I designed that are blooming at the printers right now, I will send some your way.

  8. My motiviation is in bloom! I’ll be starting grad school in June for my MBA 🙂
    Not too sure about this homework and studying thing but I’ll get back into the swing of things. I will graduate in the fall of 2013. Yippy!

  9. I am finally going to be starting my own business. I am so excited to get things blooming.It has been a seed for so long and I look forward seeing it grow. What an awesome 2012 so far!!!!

  10. My baby is (finally) sleeping through the night and I am definitely “blooming” creatively with all kinds of projects to work on now that my brain is feeling back to normal. 🙂 Happy 4th Anniversary!

  11. My LIFE is in bloom! 2011 proved to be a disasterous year for me (personally, financially, and career-ally) but after adopting a new perspective on life, 2012 is proving to be positively blooming!

  12. Our exchange student is in bloom! It’s been an honor watching her struggle, grow and now bloom over the last 9 months. We will soak up every minute we can with her since she heads back to Indonesia in 2 short months.

  13. My Nana’s peonies are in bloom! We transplanted the plants after she died a few years ago and they have without fail bloomed on Mother’s Day (yes, very curious), but my mom discovered two blossoms earlier this week. Mamacita has had a rough year, and a particularly rough April, so we decided it was her mother sending her a little extra love. 🙂

  14. summer fruits are on their way. at the wednesday santa monica farmers market, i got the first cherries of the season!

  15. I am in bloom this year. I started a new career and just got engaged! See you at First Fridays tonight.

  16. Does it count that my babies teeth are blooming? Winning a prize would be some special “mom therapy.” happy blogaversary!

  17. What a nice positive thought! After a week of borrowed Seattle drizzle I am so grateful for a ray of sunshine today. As a native LA gal I don’t always appreciate one sunny day after the other, but I am so grateful for a glimmer of spring today. 🙂

  18. We just starte looking for a house. It will be our first so I’m super excited and nervous! Every time I look at a new my my mind blooms with ideas of how to make the place a home! Very fun!

  19. My something in-bloom is my new career in the advertising world! I just started as a copywriter 3 weeks ago and am loving every second of it so far. And I would also love one of these great gifts to go along with my great career! Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  20. I recently proposed to my gf of 4 years. I am so happy to call her my fiancee now. Our lives are in bloom!

  21. great Spring-themed giveaways! i just completed my first semester towards a MFA and my spirit is blooming with a positive attitude for good things to come!

  22. My new house is in bloom. We just moved and everything is coming up roses (or will be, once we get unpacked!).

  23. seems like my health is finally back in bloom (hooray) & always grateful for spring blooming in LA (after the marine layer burns off, of course). happy 4 year anniversary, parcel post!

    • Congratulations Sarah! Brightest blessings to you and yours. My husband and I just celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary. 🙂 After 7 years we decided it was time last September and it gets better every day. I wish for you a life full of love, happiness, and creativity on all fronts!

  24. my career is finally in bloom! a year ago i was working as a cocktail waitress and a baking barista at two pretty low scale places for virtually no pay. a year later i work as an exec assistant for a prestige ad agency working on large scale projects for our founder. it’s a pretty incredible place to be and i am thankful everyday that my career is blooming 🙂

    • Congratulations on being found! So happy for you. 🙂 I did my stint as a bartender years ago and finally went freelance full-time after I had my daughter. She turns 11 next month and I have loved every moment of the creative experiences I have had. I am digging in roots and blooming upward finaly this year!

  25. My time spent with Watercolor is starting to BLOOM.
    And, yes…… roses are BLOOMING!
    What a pleasant time of color, freshness & life!

  26. My bestie and I launched our own event coordinating company today! Hooray for new beginnings and dreams come true.

  27. My daugter’s upcoming wedding in July is “in bloom”. Can’t wait for the final bouquet. Finding great stores such as this makes it easier to plan a wedding when I’m in one state, my daughter is in another state (2,000 miles away) and the ceremony is taking place in another state. Thank you.

  28. At 42 years old, and halfway through my Masters degree, I feel as though I am blooming a life renewed. This year has been the Year of the Phoenix for me. My global artists collective just went nonprofit and I am finally working full-time on my own projects instead of having the freelance full-time on everyone else’s.

    Parcel Post is one of the small handful of sites that I follow daily for inspiration and I thank you for the opportunities and creative glimpses you provide! Bright blessings, Ria 🙂

  29. In bloom in my life…well hopefully my green thumb I planted a few fruits on veggies so just waiting to taste the home grown deliciousness. Mmmm

  30. Yesterday worked on a “Queen’s Jubilee Celebration ” shoot and the food stylist made cupcakes with red, white and blue frosting, piped into the petals of roses on the top of each cake. It was amazing to watch each bloom grow, petal by petal – and so quickly. Her brand name is Fancy Nancy – check out her incredible cupcakes, cookies and celebration cakes. These cupcakes in bloom looked great with my retro props and royal paraphenalia. And Maja Smend took perfect pictures as usual.


    Regards from Tony in London

  31. jasmine is in bloom bringing the beautiful fragrance to my nose each time i come in and out of the house during this busy time of the year (school year and sports teams winding down) and reminding me to slow down and enjoy it all~

  32. Right now all the flowers in my garden are at full bloom and I can’t wait to plant more. I’ve always dreamed of a garden and home enveloped with color!

  33. Ah-mazing collection as always! And peonies! They’ve just started infiltrating the bodegas in NYC and I couldn’t be more delighted! 🙂

  34. BLOOM. There is a radiance when flowers are in bloom. Bright, vibrant colors and hills of life. I have a new friendboy and together we have adventures every week, usually on bikes. I quit my day job to peruse photography full time so I’m more in my skin than ever before. I’m not sure the flowers and fruits of my labor have opened at maximum capacity/potential, but the vibrance and the life is definitely present in my life. Also my sister has the best store on the west coast. May I please have a fine point french wooden pencil? Thanks!

  35. My husband and I have been remodeling our bedroom from ceiling to floors and it’s almost finished after a long year of working on it! I look forward to our love blooming in our brand new nest!
    By the way just recently found your blog and it’s so sweet! great giveaway!

  36. I live in the rainy, cloudy pacific northwest – but the sun is out and suddenly the trees, shrubs and
    plants are in glorious bloom!

  37. My inspiration is in full bloom! I finally found a comforter that I love, and it has sparked the inspiration I needed to redecorate our master bedroom. I want a space that reflects both of our personalities while being unique, cozy and restful.

  38. my love for my dog- she turns into a different animal come spring! runs around like she’s been hibernating all winter! silly girl…

  39. After suffering the typical post-graduate “quarter-life crisis,” I’m starting my 25th year of life and am feeling the upward positivity of transition.

  40. My 4yr old son,Hayden, is in bloom this spring. Hayden was born with down syndrome & required open heart surgery at 100 days old. Thankfully the surgery was spot-on & he is a healthy little boy. This weekend the family took a little get away trip. I watched Hayden literally jump with excitement & pride after he rode his first horse. I saw the impact of his kindness towards strangers as he acknowledges each one with a smile & “hello”. I saw a little one with speech development issues add 4 new words to his vocabulary in a few hours. I watched Hayden try to copy every swim move made by big sister, Maggie. Hayden is in bloom
    this spring & I am lucky enough to have a front row seat!

      • Wow! That’s sooooo exciting! My mailing address is: Ozark Prosthodontics, 3394 N Futrall Drive, Suite 2, Fayetteville, AR 72703. It’s my work address — but will be easier for me. Thanks so much!

  41. I think it would be myself – growing into a better person. I started running and thus taking more time for myself. As a working full-time, wife, mom of three under 7, it is often difficult to make time for myself.

  42. seeing my relationship bloom with my husband in our first year of marriage this year! it’s exciting to grow even closer to each other and enjoy life’s many blessings!

  43. My students are in full bloom. As a teacher, it’s rewarding to see how much they have learned and have progressed since the beginning of the school year.

  44. Baby #2 arrives in 8 weeks and my NESTING INSTINCT is in bloom! My husband is flabbergasted by the length of the to-do list I’ve come up with (and subsequently add more to each day while barely crossing anything off…).

  45. After a long time going without, friendships are currently blooming in my life! Seeing that cultivation is key, I have been blessed with some amazing people who I know will stick by my side!

  46. Currently…it’s ideas for kindergarten projects for the next school year. I was asked to return for another year…so the ideas seems to be flowing 😉 thanks for a chance to win!

  47. Last year I decided to go back to school, while working full time. I felt like I was running on a treadmill permanently! lol. I’m now seeing the blossoms of my labor, I just started a new amazing job, I am taking fitness classes (I guess I missed the treadmill), and I am newly engaged. I’ll take the up’s, life is certainly blooming.

  48. Can you tell its 4:30 am? Preemptive send… currently feeding my nearly 8 week old son. To say that our amazing relationship is “in bloom” is a colossal understatement! He’s the most amazing person I know!

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  50. My first son just turndd 6month and it feels like blooming. starting a new time after the hard begining of being a new mom… everything starts to fallinto place. slowly…

  51. so incredibly thankful for my wonderful boyfriend, definitely feeling nurtured & loved kind of makes all of life feel extra in bloom 🙂

  52. My desire to finally do some volunteer work and to start selling my vintage excess is definately in bloom.

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