post No.715 NSS (2012) full of gold.

For part 2 of my NSS round-up, I’m highlighting how popular gold foiling is this year.  I can’t deny that I’m attracted to sparkly things, so it was kinda fun to see it popping up everywhere.  Metallics were letterpressed on notecards, coasters, notebooks, incorporated into booth displays, printed on business cards, monogrammed stationery, tote bags, and I even spotted it on someone’s nails.  (okay that was a little scary, but the rest was *A-okay).

{kate spade | the social type | haute papier | fine day press | catherine greenup | fig.2 design}


3 thoughts on “post No.715 NSS (2012) full of gold.

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  2. Can you link to the specific addresses where we can find these cards? I tried looking for one but couldn’t get to it. If I were the maker of the cards I would wish that you’d link me properly. Thank you for your consideration

    • Hi Jamie,
      I’ve listed the links to each of the designers in order underneath the post. Since this post is on just released new product, the designers may not have the items posted on their websites yet. Is there a specific card you are looking for? Perhaps I can help you find it.

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