post No.726 Mom, Inc. book party at Urbanic.

Join us Thursday, June 28th at Urbanic for the release of the new book “Mom, Inc” with authors Meg Mateo Ilasco and Cat SetoThe book’s tagline is “The essential guide to running a successful business from home”. If you’re a mom and a creative business owner or would like to become both one day, this book is definitely a must-have! We’ll have plenty of books on hand for you to grab that night or if you want to pop in and get one before the event then bring your questions on Thursday! There will be a Q&A session for the authors at about 8pm.   {rsvp – here }

P.S check out the cute video trailer below!

P.P.S update, just got word that Bonnie Tsang will be the special guest during the Q+A portion!


2 thoughts on “post No.726 Mom, Inc. book party at Urbanic.

  1. Wow – cool video! I love Thayer Photo’s work! It made me feel so inspired! I’m thinking, “boy – running a business with this book is so poppy, fresh, fun and easy! Without kids I could really get ahead!” Totally excellent – I wonder if that mom bought her Snow and Graham calendar from Urbanic..

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