post No.731 Recent Tweets

From time to time I share a few things on the blog that I’ve posted on twitter and instagram lately.

Opening time at Urbanic.

New pens! dying over the mint.

Bundle of patterned wraps.

Definitely feels like summertime in the shop.

I had the honor of standing under this ceiling last week.

A snapshot from the Mom Inc. event last month at Urbanic

Hope all of you are well! I’m so excited to announce that the pictures and video from the Summer Social will be going up tomorrow on 100LayerCake. JUST wait until you see them!





One thought on “post No.731 Recent Tweets

  1. Okay:
    Number 1 – One of my favorite things in the world is walking to Urbanic with an Intelligentsia coffee cup in hand. It’s the perfect combo. Number 2 – MINT PENS! Number 3 – If I needed to pick just one, I’d be standing in front of that bundle of paper for at least 45 minutes.. Number 4 – Are those paper straws still Urbanic’s top seller and do they come in mint? Number 3 – Umm.. what happened to the ceiling? Couldn’t stop at the receipt paper, Urbanic puts detail now on the roof. Number 4 – If I didn’t live across the country I would have been at that Mom Inc. event (and I don’t even have any kids)!

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