post No.739 The Cream Event

For all of your East Coasters out there, tomorrow night is The Cream event in NYC.  We were booked to set up Urbanic there, but then had to cancel when we realized that little J started kindergarten that same day here in Los Angeles. (eeeeek! how does time fly by so fast?) Anyway, we’re bummed to miss it, but if you’re in the New York area you should totally go. It’s always a good time, and with this line-up it is sure to be a stellar event. Below are some photos of the Urbanic pop-up shop at the last event this past March in Culver City. Those were some good neon times all around!  haha!  Get your NYC tickets right here.

photos above by: Birds of a Feather | Studio Castillero | Aaron Shintaku | Joielala Photographie | Sloan Photographers | The Long Haul

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