post No.742 NYIGF recap

Hope you all had a good (and long) weekend! I wanted to give you a quick recap of my trip to the NY International Gift Fair a few weeks ago. This show happens twice a year, but the August show is my absolute favorite because  (a.) Summer in the city is the best (and b.) I was buying for our holiday season at Urbanic – which is hugely fun!  I picked out LOTS of pretty wrapping papers, holiday cards and well designed gifts of every sort.  The weather was perfect while I was there and I got to spend time with some of my East Coast friends, so it was a good trip all around. The shipments are starting to roll in now so get yourself into the shop sometime soon to see our latest!

When in NYC I usually stay at the Hudson. I love the location, the outdoor patio … aaaannd their Pimm’s Cups


Coolest wall map ever… It was kinda huge so I’m trying to see if they’ll  make a smaller print that we can sell in the shop.

I did a lot of damage in the Rifle Paper Booth. Wait until you see the 2013 city calendars. Out of control amazing!

We love having these Pensee pens at Urbanic. I ordered a bunch of new colors for fall.

The Rifle girls were giving out pins when I was in the booth. I chose these two since they seemed apropos for my commute to Williamsburg that night to see friends.

Edge painted double thick cotton card stock and colored graph paper desk jotters are coming in any day. I’m completely nerding out over this stuff.

Oh, it’s the little things. Shake Shack did not disappoint!

Excitement overload on some of the new titles we have coming in from Chronicle Books.

Bright colored cardboard coasters from RSP!

Screen printed tags from 1973. Oh, I ordered notebooks and wrap from them too.

Orla Kiely reversible wrapping paper. Need I say more?

It’s right around the corner so planners are in order. (rhyme not intentional but lets just go with it) .


3 thoughts on “post No.742 NYIGF recap

  1. Would love to see the full shot of the coolest wall map ever and if you sell postcard and other size prints of it that would be awesome!

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