post No.743 Paper Lovely

I’m up in Portland right now with a close friend and it’s feeling a lot like fall here. I’m guessing it’s probably like 80 these days in L.A so I’m soaking up the crisp air and getting an eye full of the gorgeous falling leaves while I have a chance!  Back at the shop we’re putting out some new lines on our shelves – one of which is this adorable letterpress greeting card lines called Paper Lovely. Without a doubt it’s a nice little addition to Urbanic.

Oh! and P.S you might have noticed I updated the look of the blog a little bit. Although not finalized, it’s a good temporary solution. I’m happily done with that smaller picture width once and for all!


One thought on “post No.743 Paper Lovely

  1. Wow! The new blog format is awesome! I LOVE seeing the images so big! But it never does justice to the letterpress. I’m going up to Urbanic tomorrow morning to check out the Paper Lovely line!

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