post No.744 Crisp and Desky

I’m hunkering down at my desk today to concentrate on a crazy amount of emails and paperwork that have piling up. At this moment in time, my work space is a more than a tad cluttered – so one of my goals for today is to tame this wild beast and get it back to the way I like it. This morning I’m blogging on some desk things we have around the shop that are tidy and organized. It’s kind of like a mental cleansing to kick-start to my day.  Okay to be fair, my coffee helped with the the “kick” part as well.  Happy Tuesday!

pics { 1.   2. 3}


One thought on “post No.744 Crisp and Desky

  1. Hello! I’m Kim from the Netherlands. I really love one of the pictures on your blog! I’m bussy with developing my own business website and I’m looking for great photo’s to use with the only intention to use it as decoration on my page.
    The picture I’m talking about is the one with the paper and a few pen. I really like to use it with your permission and of course your name below or a link to your blog. I really like to hear what you think of my suggestion!

    Kind regards, Kim van Valen
    From the Netherlands

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