post No.746 Make.Work.Fun

Whether you’re a for-real student or a desk accessory lover, let’s face it – ‘back to school’ time of year is an organizational holiday for those of us with an affection towards paper and desk things. Here’s a little round up of some fun things around Urbanic that can make any desk a more enjoyable place.

1. cavalini paper tape set 2. metallic push pins 3.pennmanship wrap sheet 4. clipboard sticky notes 5. orla kiely pencil set 6.brass pencil sharpener 7. kraft tags 8 .retro camera album 9. orla kiely notebooks 10. jumbo mechanical pencils 11. set of metal clips 12. phone message stickies 13. foil stamped coasters 14. lepens 15. world map wrap sheet 16. alphabet stamp set 17. clip page flags 18 mini clothes pins 19 letterpressed pen cards 20 checklist notepad 21. map sticky note set


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