post No.749 Wednesday!

Being that today is Wednesday, I thought it would be the most fitting day of the week to showcase our new collection of wedding invitations offered in our bridal lounge. That being said, I’m happy to present to you “Wednesday“! The album is complete with 16 different customizable suites and we are loving their quirky-stylish-cool aesthetic. There is so much character in each set offered that there is even a little personality description that accompanies each suite.  Below are just a few…

First up (above) we have Harvey! There are two things you need to know about Harvey. One, she keeps to herself. Two, when she does speak up, it’s through a megaphone.

Above meet “Clove“. She has a pop-culture references and clever jokes that stretch as wide as the desert she was raised in. Want to hear a joke about a pencil? Nevermind. It’s irrelevant.

And finally we have “Elliot“.  She achieves in everything she tries, except for cooking. By law, she is no longer allowed to cook.

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