post No.753 Fall Giveaway!

It’s hard to believe Urbanic turned 6 already! Although this has been a whirlwind journey full of ups and downs for Joshua and I, we love being here and thank you all for your support. The best part about our job is truly our customers, and all of you out there who appreciate what we’re doing. It’s time to celebrate our 6th birthday with a fall giveaway! We’ve pulled some fun things from around the shop we thought you would love. TO WIN:  all you need to do is leave a comment to this post stating something you love about fall . It’s my favorite time of year so I can’t wait to hear the specific things you like too.  There will be 6 winners randomly selected and announced here on parcel post October 15th,  so check back to see if you’ve won! Each winner will receive one of the prizes below.

: and the prizes are :

No.1  2013 Cities Calendar by Rifle Paper Co. |  No.2 jumbo mecanical pencils by Int. Arrivals | No.3 metallic bakers twine from knot and bow | No.4 gold foiled notepad by branch+cotton | No.5 assortment of LePens | No.6 Orla Kiely notebook

Good Luck and happy weekend!


167 thoughts on “post No.753 Fall Giveaway!

  1. Fall is also my favorite season.. I absolutely love having the option to wear a cardigan paired with the tree’s changing colors.

    Happy 6th.. Here’s to many more!

  2. I love the smell of fall on an evening walk with the dog – even in Southern California it still smells like fall. And houses decorated for Halloween and pumpkin spice lattes.

  3. Happy anniversary!!
    I love fall because the smells in the air always give me strong nostalgia for my childhood. There’s something about the cooler temperatures and the crisp smells that make me want to partake in tons of traditions : trips to the pumpkin patch and cider mill, having a halloween movie marathon, and eating delicious fall treats!

  4. My favorite thing about fall is jew tones. From leaves to fall clothing, I love how colors shift toward darker, richer tones. Plum, Gold, Burnt Orange, Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue – I love them all!

  5. great giveaway!! I love picking up sugar pumpkins from the farmers market, making homemade puree and delicious pumpkin treats!

  6. Congratulations on your 6th anniversary!!!
    Even that in my country we don’t have the fortune to have seasons. I can say, that for my experiences in England and in San Diego CA, fall is one of my favorites seasons. The colors of the cities change with the nature, the music is different, the food is different and even the people humor change with it… inspired to be home, drink hot chocolate and just enjoy the view of how the art of nature full or garden of worm colors and senses. Fall is magical!!!

  7. Congratulations! My favorite thing about fall is picking out pumpkins with my boys. The weather is perfect, and the idea of being outside with my family at the pumpkin patch is a perfect day for me. I love EVERYTHING about this season. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  8. happiest of anniversaries! my obvious fall favorites are the neutral browns, chai tea lattes, cappucinos with cinnamon, pumpkin carving, and the warmth of big scarves

  9. Something I love about fall? Easy! That crisp cool feeling in the air… not enough to be truly COLD, but enough that you can pull out your favoritest sweater and cuddle up. Love that!

  10. Happy birthday!! The things I love most about fall are the crispness in the air, a temperature suitable to making soups, and getting into the college football season with my husband and siblings. 🙂

  11. Happy Anniversary! My favorite thing about fall is the changing color on the trees. My drive to work has become so beautiful with the rich reds, yellows, and oranges that have taken over.

  12. Even though there’s a special place in my heart for summer, there’s nothing better than the fall sweets and smells! Made my first round of pumpkin bread this week and there will be many more because I don’t think your house can smell better than when something pumpkin-y is baking in the oven! I’m quite fond of all that is Halloween too! =)

  13. Happy 6 years! Fall is my favorite season for a couple of different reasons. First, it’s the season I was born in and it makes me feel like I have a part of fall in my soul. Secondly, the weather is changing (not in southern California!), the clothes are being transitioned, and gone are the long, hot days. Instead of the sweltering heat, fall brings moderate warmth with a nice, pleasant breeze. It makes for a nice season interim for the cold, dreary winter blues that will soon follow.

  14. I love getting to wear my cute, lighter fall jackets. They’ve looked so sad all summer in my closet and are ready to come out and play in the crisp(er) air!

  15. i can’t even begin to tell you how much i want to win this awesome giveaway. i love literally everything in it. plus i live in LA, just a bike ride from your shop and i love your shop and i follow you on instagram. this is my plea to or whatever “Random-Chooser” you use in hopes that it might help me win ;). just kidding. everyone deserves to have these goodies.

    the main thing i’m reminded of in fall is walking up Bruin Walk at UCLA with a new year of college starting and smelling the fresh, cool, crispy fall air. makes me think of the excitement and potential that a new school year had to offer. i’m long out of college now, but i loved that about fall. those were the good ol’ days. now it just reminds me of the slew of fun holidays that come right after fall!

  16. Fall is my fave too! Love picking the perfect pumpkin at the patch, wearing cozy sweaters and decorating the house for Halloween!

  17. Happy Anniversary! I love fall for it’s beautiful colors, crisp air, rain, apples, pumpkins and all of the fantastic things that it brings 🙂 All the best and many more amazing years to you!

  18. Happy 6th!! 🙂

    Being from an island where it’s summer all year round, I had never really experienced the changing of seasons. I love how the trees turn beautifully crimson red, brilliant orange, and golden yellow. I enjoy cranberry pumpkin muffins, pies and Thanksgiving too 🙂

    xo, deborah

  19. Fall is my favorite too. Love the colors, changing leaves, and different feeling in the air. When my kids were little we always took a short trip to pick apples….great memories.

  20. Halloween! So fun to try on a different personality for a night, be it scary, silly, audacious or sly. Possibly tied with crisp mornings and fuzzy thick sweaters and socks. Happy anniversary and best wishes for the year ahead!

  21. Fall marks the beginning of college football season! And this means spending every Saturday with my family either tailgating at the Rosebowl or gathered together on someone’s couch. Lots off good company and good food for me at this time of year.

    Happy 6th!

  22. Happy Anniversary!
    Fall means… hot cider, corduroy, rustic colors, chunky scarves, suede boots, pumpkin bread, new supplies, and falling leaves!

  23. things I love about fall, cooler weather, leaves turning colors, PSL, tea, wearing sweaters, and daylight savings giving us darker mornings and evenings.

  24. I love the beautiful colors of fall as well as pumpkin… Everything! This afternoon my fiancé & I had pumpkin froyo and it was scrumptious!

  25. As odd as it may sound, Fall brings the possibility of frost in Venice… but first, the smell of leaves and fantastic days to imagine this Halloween.

    When the Frost is on the Punkin
    By James Whitcomb Riley
    When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder’s in the shock,
    And you hear the kyouck and gobble of the struttin’ turkey-cock,
    And the clackin’ of the guineys, and the cluckin’ of the hens,
    And the rooster’s hallylooyer as he tiptoes on the fence;
    O, it’s then’s the times a feller is a-feelin’ at his best,
    With the risin’ sun to greet him from a night of peaceful rest,
    As he leaves the house, bareheaded, and goes out to feed the stock,
    When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder’s in the shock.

  26. Happy 6! Fall is my favorite seasons for many reasons: California’s Indian Summer, crisp fall breezes, freshly sharpened pencils to signal the new school year, the return of cozy sweaters and snuggly blankets, and boots!

  27. Joyeux anniversaire Urbanic !
    What I love about Autumn ? Colours, tea/hot chocolate in a parisian café, cultural events in Paris (Journées du patrimoine, Nuit Blanche, FIAC…)

  28. My favorite thing about fall is getting cozy up under a blanket while watching football on a lazy Sunday 🙂

    Congrats on 6 years of greatness!

  29. I love Fall because it brings a warmth and comfort to what’s ahead: holidays and family and merriment and yumminess. It’s sweaters and scarves and apple and pumpkins. It’s a culmination of the year.

  30. Congrats on your anniversary! I would have to say my favorite thing about Fall is how it brings my family together. We have a ton of birthdays in November and December that lead really nicely into the holidays! We even have another baby expected in December! 🙂

  31. Congrats on 6 years! I love everything you post/I see about your store! Wish I could visit
    it, but I’m on the wrong coast! My absolute favorite thing about fall is without a doubt- pumpkins!! They are awesome decorations that tie together the beginning of fall, Halloween, & even Thanksgiving. Pumpkin flavor makes so many drinks & food 10x more
    delicious. 🙂 I look forward to fall every year mostly because of the appearance of pumpkins!

  32. Fall Favorites: hearing the crunching of leaves under my feet, apple cider freezies, pumpkin pie, cozy “grandpa” sweaters, and lots of family time!

  33. Happy 6th Birthday Urbanic! Fall Favorites…baking anything with apples and pumpkin, and snuggling up with my hubby on the couch 🙂

  34. Happy birthday!! Fall is my sentimental season for some reason. I love how it’s at this time of year I spend more time remembering and reflecting, falling in love with life even more simply because it’s such a beautiful thing. The crisp air, the corn maze, the crunchy leaves, and the apple cider don’t hurt either. 😉

  35. YAY FOR 6! 🙂

    Fall is WONDERFUL! I look forward to wearing scarves and drinking pumpkin chai lattes every fall. That’s my favorite.

  36. I love fall because it starts to cool down after those hot summer months. And I get to get ready for my favorite holiday Halloween and all the tricks & treats

  37. Congratulations on six! I love the fall smells of chai, cinnamon, and vanilla. I love changing my floral summery stationary out for fall ones that consist of acorns, dogs dressed in sweaters (yeah Rifle Paper Co.!), and turkeys. Sitting by a window, writing a letter, and drinking chai in the coziness of one’s home is bliss.

  38. I love Cider Mills – there is nothing better than walking around on a crisp fall day eating warm donuts and drinking steaming apple cider!

  39. Fall has always been my fave season! I love pulling out scarves and boots, making warm fall comfort foods, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes, cider, and seasonal brewskis.

  40. Hmm…things I like about Fall: the chilly weather but not extremely cold, snuggling with my boyfriend, and of course, Thanksgiving!

  41. happy 6th birthday, urbanic!!! my favorite thing about fall is digging through my cookbooks for a fall lineup of soups & stews to make and freeze to have on hand during the really cold days come winter!

  42. Happy 6th, Urbanic! May you have cake! Fall favorites – turning off the air conditioning, long sleeves (and pants!), chai lattes, and cake.

  43. i dig fall purely because it brings family and friends together ( thanksgiving, halloween). the cold crisp air just makes you want to snuggle up to those close to you.

    happiest of anniversary’s to you urbanic!

  44. Happy anniversary!! Cheers to many more years to come!!!

    What i love about fall is how the color of your surroundings changed. Im amazed how the trees changed their color and it gives a different nice mood everytime you see it…

  45. Six years? Craziness. It was just yesterday …. 🙂
    Fall is also my favorite time of year – and even though I miss the East Coast Fall, all the goodness still holds true: cooler weather, sweaters, boots, snuggling.

  46. happy anniversary to urbanic! 🙂

    my fave part of fall is pulling out my sweater boots and sheepskin slippers (and then basically living in them until january).

    plus the BEST part of THIS fall?? rifle paper co. is coming to town! cannot wait.

  47. The colors changing, the crisp air, scarfs, boots, cozy blankets, comfy sweaters, movie days, pumpkin spice lattes there’s just too much to love! My absolute favorite time of year! -Happy Anniversary.

  48. happy 6th anniversary, audrey, josh, & the urbanic team!

    love so many things about fall…leaves changing, the smell of fireplaces burning, anything pumpkin, warm apple cider & soups, the start of college basketball season, and added layers to the wardrobe (but not too many)!

  49. ha! i just noticed i called joshua, josh! oopsies, i have NEVER done that before & can’t figure out how to edit it. sorry, JOSHUA! ; )

  50. I love wearing boots & scarves, pumpkin flavored everything, and the chillier weather that makes me want tea all day.

    Congratulations on 6 years! Wishing you many, many more!

  51. favorite things about fall: electricity in the air, hot apple cider and pumpkin everything. oh, and my birthday, too.
    happy birthday to you!

  52. my favorite thing about fall is the transition. i like how the season changes, the leaves change colors, layers and knits are in style, and warm colors bring warmth 🙂

    happy anniversary!

  53. Love the prizes so much! What I love about fall: The many changing colours, toques and scarves, warm hands on warm drinks, and giving thanks!

  54. My favorite things about fall are the crisp air, the changing leaves, sweaters, crunching leaves under foot, and the pies. Oh, the pies!

    Happy Birthday, Urbanic! Thanks so much for sharing the joy!

  55. Happy~ Birthday~! & Congratulations on great 6 years~!
    I love fall for all the sweet and warm homemade food to share with friends, colorful transitions of nature (so inspiring) and last but the not the least, all the holiday crafts.

  56. Congrats on 6 years!
    My favorite thing abut fall are all things pumpkin – pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, eating homemade soup out of a pumpkin, yum!

  57. Living in LA you don’t get much of a fall but I do love the change in the air. Having to use a heavier blanket at night to be cozy and warm. In other places I love the changing of the leaves. Fall is my favorite season.

  58. My favorite thing about fall is…the hopefulness that a new school year always brought and that comes back to me each September. Little known fact: it’s actually the best of time year to make resolutions 😉

  59. I love fall for the reason I can wear a sweater all day, I love that it is another great excuse to cuddle with my husband on the couch reading a good book or watching a movie. I love fall because it reminds me that it is just the beginning of the holiday season and people seem so happy.Happy 6th anniversary!!!!!

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  61. every year I can hardly wait for fall. after the dead heat, everything seems to spring to life again, I walk more briskly, cheeks are red in the cold, Anoushka the dog runs and searches for conkers in the leaves. it just brings me such a huge basket of optimism, autumn. all bright orange coloured.

  62. I thought I had commented but can’t find it so I hope this isn’t a duplicate entry! My favorite things about Fall are scarves, changing leaves (rare in LA though!), the smell of wood fires in the air when the nights get cooler. Mmmmm. 🙂 It’s one of my favorite times of year!

    Happy anniversary!

  63. Yaay for Urbanic turning 6! Congratulations! I absolutely love Fall as well! What I love most about Fall are the following: scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, autumn scented candles, and the fabulous dark shades of nail polish that hit the shelves!

  64. I love the crisp air, the cozy feeling of comfy fall clothes, and the excitement of the upcoming holiday season. Also, I love baking fall favorites like apple pie, pumpkin bread and of course carmel apples.
    Happy Anniversary!

  65. Congrats to 6 years! My husband and I just started a business, so excited for you both!

    I love the slowdown of the fall, how the crisp air makes you layer, snuggle and take a look around at all your loved ones and reflect on the beauty of God’s creation around you 🙂

  66. Somehow every year, FALL brings with it a new rush of creative inspiration accompanied by pumpkin pie & cooler temps. Dive in! ❤

  67. Happy 6th Birthday!
    My favourite thing about Autumn is anything and everything to do with Pumpkin, the crispness in the air, and the changing of the foliage.

  68. My favorite thing about fall is the back to school supplies. Even though I’ve been out of school for some time, I still buy a fresh notebook and some new pens to use for the year. Maybe a pencil case or some new washi tapes or little things like that. I just bought some shiny gold paper clips that I can’t wait to use!

  69. Happy Anniversary! Love the amazing things you carry + share with design lovers!

    My favourite thing about fall is going for long afternoon walks in the parks. Crunchy leaves and a delicious coffee in hand is the absolute best way to enjoy this gorgeous and colourful season. xo

  70. Fall in Los Angeles is far different from most of the U.S. BUT, there are still some signs of seasonal change that make me super happy. Fall mornings are far cooler and the air is much crisper. It’s like breathing in the air after a nice rain. I also love the leaves honeycombed throughout the streets. I personally admit to going out of my way just to step on a leaf and hear its audibly-satisfying crunch!

  71. Happy Anniversary! My favorite thing about fall is all the beautiful trees changing colors AND pumpkins! Thanks for a chance to win (and I really hope I win that calendar… I’ve been eyeing it since it came out!).

  72. I love Fall because the sound of the leaves crunching underneath my Hunter Boots makes me want to sing out loud!! I love The wind that blows across my face, and the smell of pie baking in the oven! I love Fall!!

  73. My favorite thing about fall is Dahlias and Pears! I always know that fall is coming when Dahlias appear at our local flower shop and pears start tasting better than they have all year 🙂 I also love the rich, warm hues that are found in window fronts of shops and in magazines. It helps give me a sense of time and is undoubtedly my favorite season!

  74. I can’t say enough about how I love the colours, the change in the trees, the woolen thick sweaters, the smell of soups and pies… I adore this change of season… In Spain I never had Fall, so now being in Canada I embrace it every year!

  75. Many congratulations on #6!
    I love that fall means harvesting hearty vegetables and preparing autumnal soups with the bounty. From here on out, I will also love that fall means a time of celebration for my wedding anniversary.

  76. I have a ridiculous scarf obsession (over the years I have collected at least 30!!) and the beautiful fall weather lets me wear a different one every day 🙂

    happy 6th!

  77. My favorite thing about fall is loading up on back-to-school products (planners, new pens, notebooks, even fall clothes). I’ve been out of school for about 4 years but I still feel the urge to stock up every fall!

  78. With the possibilities of summer gone, and the chill of winter on the horizon there are many things I love about autumn. People find comfort in warmth in this season. Warm colours, warm teas, warm memories, warm houses, warm companionship.

  79. Happy 6th Anniversary!! I love everything about the Fall. The beautiful colors of the leaves, the hot spice lattes on a chilly evening, wearing tights with cute dresses, boots, leather jackets, fall sales and the list can go on and on. Being in the Caribbean now, I miss the Fall.

  80. I love.. pumpkin picking/carving, boots paired with leg warmers, different colors of the leaves falling, preparation for the upcoming holiday season!

  81. Fall represents the beauty and renewal that comes with changing seasons. Crisp leaves underfoot on walks, pumpkin chocolate chip walnut cookies and apple cider with cinnamon sticks are my faves – and an excuse to cuddle a little closer to loved ones!

    Congrats on 6 years – you’ve got so much to be proud of!

  82. Happy 6th anniversary!!! I personally love apple picking with my family during the fall. Especially this fall because my god brother just turned one so he’ll be with us when we go this year!

  83. My favourite part of fall, is being able to still take a walk and enjoy the sun while the trees are brightly coloured of oranges, reds and yellows. But when it chills off, coming inside and sitting by the fire and reading.
    Happy Anniversary!

  84. Happy anniversary! Best thing about fall is pumpkin flavored everything! From lattes to cream cheese, pumpkin flavored is the best.

  85. The fall is the best season! I love the changing leaves, picking up pumpkins, boots, scarves and just get cozy at home.

  86. Happy 6th Birthday! Fall is definitely my favorite season. I love how the leaves change colors, having a fire on at night, reading a book with hot chocolate and marshmallows. I was so happy that my husband and I got to marry in the fall, I cherish the photos from that beautiful and sunny fall day last year.

  87. The changing leaves and chill in the air calls for sweaters and comfy clothes I love to wear, but hardly get to wear living in CA. Fall = new wardrobe, fun fashion & cozy days.

  88. Fall is my favorite season. I work in Napa Valley and love the misty weather during this time in the mornings. The colors of the vineyards are absolutely beautiful and the scenery is incredible. I also love to snuggle up during the weekends and watch movies while drinking hot cocoa this time of year.

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