post No.767 Silhouette Artist at Urbanic

Remember last year when we had Karl Johnson come to the shop and cut out silhouettes for everyone? Well it was a HUGE success and I couldn’t be more excited to let you know that he is coming again!  This year he is coming on  November 8th from 11am – 8 pm. He will hand-cut a silhouette for you right there with his scissors.  It’s amazing how he does this free hand. Bring your little ones, a favorite picture, a pet, or yourself and get your silhouette cut. This is such a great gift idea and just in time for the holidays. Silhouettes are $25 each and only take about 3 minutes – so squirmy kids are welcome!  If you’d like to book a time slot call us at the shop – 310.401.0427!  (or email us ) to reserve yours.  Calling is best as they fill up fast!

PS.His video is absolutely adorable. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a must!

2 thoughts on “post No.767 Silhouette Artist at Urbanic

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