post No.768 Things of late …

From time to time I share a few things on the blog that I’ve posted on twitter and instagram lately.

We painted pumpkins this year for our Halloween window at the shop

Candy Store corner of Urbanic

Saw this at a coffee shop which led me to meet a local hand-lettering artist.

I stocked up on Farmer’s Market flowers for the Rifle Paper Event we had at the shop.

The invitations we printed for the Rifle Paper Co. party

Cute shoes on the girl in-line next to me at Intellegensia.

Our booth set up at the Abbot Kinney Festival. It was so fun!

Writing thank you cards while eating breakfast.

Ian playing with his trains. I love this stage.

My boys sliding down a hill of leaves.

More of the pumpkins we painted for our Halloween window. (the white one turned into the scalloped on at the very top).

happy monday!



{phtos by Parcel Post}


One thought on “post No.768 Things of late …

  1. Love all the photos and the creative pumpkins. It gave me some great inspiration for birthday party decorations. Oh gosh, the Brio trains really bring me back to my boys playing with them for hours growing up. You’re right, there is nothing like that age and stage of play. Thanks for sharing today.

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