post No.782 Holiday Social with Snow & Graham

Um. How could I almost forget to post pics from the holiday party?!  The winter social this year was full of mingling, tasting and making. Ebony from Snow & Graham flew in from Chicago bringing lots of frills and pretty paper. She hosted a holiday garland workshop and also taught folks to make another d.i.y project that looked way more advanced. (I hung out by the marshmallows for that one!)   Stacia and Phil from Frosted brought a gorgeous spread of tasty baked treats. I’m pretty sure that eating those high tops (5th picture down) would be equivalent to taking a bite of Heaven if you could.  A special thanks to Kimber from The Two Photography, for capturing some of the party with these pictures below.  To all of you who came out, thanks for coming it was wonderful to see you!  To all of you reading this, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to an adventurous 2013.



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{photos by Kimber at The Two Photography}

3 thoughts on “post No.782 Holiday Social with Snow & Graham

  1. Your parties always look so much fun. Wish I lived closer to attend. Would you be able to tell me what font was used on the first photo and for the “water” label. I’m a font junkie. 🙂

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