Post No.784 Our 2013 Prints. Want one?

Every year we like to send out New Year’s Cards to friends of  the shop. Last year, the cards we sent out for Urbanic were created more as a little art print than just a card, with the idea of having something worthy of a desk or bulletin board.  We did it again this year with a fresh+fun outlook on 2013.  I worked with  Scout’s Honor to create these amazing hand-lettered prints, using white ink on chipboard stock. I love how they came out this year and printed some extras for all of you! We’re sending them out complimentary (first come, first serve) to anyone who writes in. They’ll be included in all web orders or  just send us a buck for the shipping and we’ll pop one in the mail your way.  You can snag your print right here.


Urbanic 2013 print

Urbanic 2013 print

Urbanic 2013 print


{photos by Parcel Post}

8 thoughts on “Post No.784 Our 2013 Prints. Want one?

  1. I really, really want one! But I’m in Canada, can you please tell me how I can get one? (I’m getting married this year and this would be perfect to scrapbook in to all the wedding stuff)!!

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