Family Time in Paris


It’s been one year since our family trip to Paris . . . . .


paris01I’m so happy to be finally blogging about it (and re-living it).  We stayed in a darling apartment in the 7th right by the Eiffel tower and could actually see it from our window!
paris05paris03We stayed for 2 weeks and spent most of our days adventuring around town – seeing sites, hopping on carousels and digesting the beauty and rich culture of the city.
paris04Love locks on the Pont des Arts
paris07paris06The metro got us everywhere. Definitely not easy with the two boys, but the kid-stand on our stroller was a lifesaver, enabling us to get down all of the narrow streets without taking up too much room.
paris08We ate as many baguettes, croissants and baked treats as humanly possible.
paris09Rue Cler –  Our daily morning go-to spot for produce and groceries
paris10Flower stand in Ile Saint Louis + Hanging floral display at Merci
paris11We discovered marionette theaters, lovely parks, book shops, patisseries and boutiques – lots of boutiques! Being that we are shop owners, this was beyond inspiring.
paris12Night in the City of Light


Our days were packed with exploration. At night during our walk home from the metro, we’d look up to see the Eiffel Tower sparkling above us on the top of the hour. It topped off each day with the very magic that started it. I literally have goosebumps right now remembering how special this was for all of us.

Joshua made a little video of our treks in the city for our family.
(Since videos don’t show up in the subscription feed, click this link to see it.)

P.S. If you are thinking of planning your own trip to Paris, I would highly recommend heading over to the Oh Happy Day blog to get some great tips.

{all photos by Parcel Post}

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