post No.661 planning planning planning

In this first week of the new year I’m very busy planning the events, promotions, monthly buying and all things shop related for 2012. I LOVE planning so this is one of my favorite parts of the business. Personally I need to see my months and year at a glance in order to keep goals realistic and in order. I previously used a basic and un-attractive office supply calendar until we started carrying these Lauryl Denise planning calendars at the shop. This is definitely the most functional, cute and enjoyable tool I’ve found to get the job done.

post No.649 Paper + Cup 2012

By the end of today, I’m going to finish up my 2012 Calendar round up. I’m determined! This year Paper + Cup came up with this charming idea to make a ‘chalkboard’ calendar. It’s not actual chalkboard, (it’s paper made to look like it)  and you can fill in and decorate your monthly pages with a white pen.  It’s formatted so you can use it scrapbook style and hang photos and momentos to make each month your own.  So Urbanic.

post No.642 Snow & Graham 2012

It seems fitting to post Snow & Graham calendars on my round up today since tonight is the Cocoa & Cupcakes event … and also because Ebony just arrived from Chicago and is standing by my side prepping the paper craft for tonight!  This collection is so fun – bright splashes of color in just about every single calendar format you can think of.  It’s no secret that I love S&G.  Apparently they love us too, because they are giving out bags o’ paper treats out to all of our guests at the party tonight. Oh yeah!

{1. wall calendar 2. mini desk calendar 3. accordion calendar 4. write on calendar 5. desk calendar}

post No.625 fine day press 2012

I’m head over heels for the 2012 calendars we have in at the shop this year. We have a bigger selection than ever before and I’ll be sharing them all with you in posts to come.  Today I’ll get started with this particular one from Fine Day Press. I love how original the abstract watercolor illustrations are.  It’s hard to find one this unique that also has room to function as a write-in calendar. Another great feature is that these poster size prints can be easily converted into framed art once the month is over. So dorky to say, but it’s kinda like a 12 for 1.