Perfectly Paired Pastels

mint+pink on Parcel Post

It’s springtime and I love the transition of color around the shop — things are feeling fresh and light again! I couldn’t help but notice this perfectly paired wrap and ribbon. As if the pink ombré isn’t amazing enough, the paper is reversible with mint green on the flip side! Sooooo good with Italian cotton ribbon. A match made for pretty pastel gifting!

{ribbon by Carta Inc. + wrap by Rifle Paper Goods}

post No.744 Crisp and Desky

I’m hunkering down at my desk today to concentrate on a crazy amount of emails and paperwork that have piling up. At this moment in time, my work space is a more than a tad cluttered – so one of my goals for today is to tame this wild beast and get it back to the way I like it. This morning I’m blogging on some desk things we have around the shop that are tidy and organized. It’s kind of like a mental cleansing to kick-start to my day.  Okay to be fair, my coffee helped with the the “kick” part as well.  Happy Tuesday!

pics { 1.   2. 3}

Post No.663 Pink Perfection

I’ve got pink on my mind these days. I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that we are gussying up the shop for Valentine’s day or maybe because I’m starting to crave the soft pastel colors of spring. Either way, I’m feeling it, so here’s a little dose for your viewing pleasure.

happy weekend friends!





{rose macaroon ingredients here  + golden layout here}

post No.627 cute things on my desktop

Hope you all had an awesome Halloween.  I had my hands full yesterday with our little skunk and breakdancer.  That being said, I’m taking a candy break right now from my workday! (hee hee!)  The two pictures below have been on my desktop for a while.  I actually have this exact gumball machine in storage.  I scored it from the Rosebowl last year with the intention of doing something cute with it at Urbanic. Now that I announced that info I really need to get on it. The other pic of the favor boxes is intriguing me.  I think it’s the color story … or maybe those black stripes behind the blue. I’m planning our Urbanic holiday party right now and going to experiment to see if this color scheme could work.  (will keep you posted on both!)


{pics from here and here}

post No.611 some recent tweets

Here are some recent tweets I’ve posted with snippets of what’s been going on around here lately.  If you’re in our neighborhood tonight stop by Urbanic and hang with us. It’s Frist Friday on Abbot Kinney and we’ll be open ’till 10pm.  Happy looooooong weekend all!



1. I was so happy to find out that this little polaroid note I have on my desk was shot by Jenn Gotch

2. Finally took the time out to spend a day at the beach with my little guys.

3. A snap shot taken when cleaning up the beautiful mess from my friend’s baby shower

4. Parting gifts from an amazing dinner party hosted by my girls at Bash Please

5. Super excited about our new gift bag wall at Urbanic. We needed that pop of color!

post No.563 black & white and patterned all over

Happy Monday! Did you get our newsletter on Friday? If not you can get yourself on our mailing list here.  Below are some cute things that were hanging around on my desktop I had to share. How cute is this flag idea with washi tapes and straws?  I kinda want to put a version of these in our little herb garden we planted over the weekend.  Speaking of straws, good news – (!!!) we have TONS of striped straws coming in later this week. We’re talking like 10 new colors. I’ll keep you posted.  Right about now, I’m feeling pretty fond of this ‘deep breath’ print I found on Etsy. I need to abide by this today. Mondays hit me like a storm!



{above from here & here}

post No.558 recent tweets

Here are a few pics I snapped and posted on twitter recently. The 1st is a box that our Bella Figura samples arrived in. It came with a big fun letterpress card to grab my attention and was full of invitation beauty of all sorts. The 2nd picture is one of my favorite little shelves in the shop right now. It’s full of so many interesting and curious things.

The 3rd and 4th pics were things given to me by 2 friends. Ironically they each have a different business with the same name! The arrangement was dropped off from Fiore Designs. She’s the florist across the street from Urbanic. I’m in love with her work so getting this was such a treat!  The notecard was from the lovely Jaimi at Fiore Beauty. As you can imagine I was freaking out when I saw how cute her personal stationery was.

post No.557 spring cleaning

I haven’t had much time to blog lately. I miss it, I miss you all. Things have been an absolute whirlwind around here. I am finally sitting down (waiting at the genius bar at the Apple store) and got a chance to clean up my desktop. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself and had to share.  till tomorrow,

xo *A

p.s thanks Bon for the pin!