post No.477 and the winners are…

I left it up to to choose the winners to the September Events Giveaway, and the results are in.  A big congrats to  #47 Jennifer P. who gets the Creative, and to #44 Kristen who gets the Hitched ticket.  Hope to see lots of you at both events!

{trophy card by yellow owl workshop}

post No.476 September Events + Giveway

As many of you know we have some pretty exciting events lined up for the month of September…

The Creative, Inc. Book Tour Party here at the Urbanic on Thursday 9.16

Hitched at the Smog Shoppe on Thursday 9.23

To keep things exciting, I thought I would post a quick little giveaway.  There will be two lucky winners. The first winner gets a copy of the Creative Inc. Book and the second winner will receive a ticket to the Hitched Event.  TO WIN: Just leave a comment to this post stating which prize you’d like. The winners will be randomly chosen and announced here on Parcel Post this Monday 9|13.

good luck!


post No.473 Prize Time …

Hey everyone, A special thanks to all of you who participated in The Urbanic Turned *4* Giveaway! I had a blast reading about your fond birthday memories.  As always, I wish all of you could win, but alas only 4, so now it’s random number generator time….


and the winners are…

comment No.139 Chantel, who loved her 30th party w close friends.

comment No. 37 CBA, who received her childhood treasured teddy on her 9th.

comment No. 134 Claire, who remembers her childhood dress up tea party.

comment No.91 Alison Z, who had a surprise dinner from collage pals.


If you won, congrats! (email me with your mailing address unless I get to you first).  If you didn’t win, no worries, there will be another giveaway this fall!


{ awards by Letterpress Delicacies }

post No.471 the Urbanic turned *4* birthday givaway

That’s right, Urbanic turned 4 this month! Let’s celebrate with some prizes …

TO WIN: all you need to do is leave a comment to this post stating a fond birthday memory you’ve had. Four winners will be randomly selected and announced here on Parcel Post next Tuesday, August 31st. Each winner will receive one of the below prizes …so check back here to see if you have won!

: and the prizes are :

PRIZE No.1 – A variety 4-pack of colored bakers twine. 15 yards of each.


PRIZE No.2 – A yellow owl workshop rubber stamp kit from this post.


PRIZE No.3 – A trio of Japanese masking tapes, blogged about here


PRIZE No.4 – A 7year pen from this blog post


Good Luck!

xo *A

{birthday illustration by Zara Picken}

post No.403 Winners

Hey everyone, this morning I am announcing the winners to The Parcel Post Turned 2- Giveaway. A special thanks so much to all of you who participated.  Since I had a day off on Mother’s Day, I was able to read all of your comments and check out your sites. It was great to find out a little more about you!  I wish all of you could win, but alas only 3, so now it’s random number generator time….

and the winners are…

comment No.87 Laura who wants to plant seeds and write more letters

comment No.27 Abbie who wants to fix her dryer

comment No.125 who will be moving into her new home.

If you won, congrats, email me with your mailing address unless I get to you first, if not no worries, there will be another giveaway in August when Urbanic turns 4!



{trophies from Tasty Suite and Roberta Grove}

post No.399 The Parcel Post turned 2 Giveaway!

I can’t believe Parcel Post just turned 2. Since I started this blog in 2008, it has added another dimension to my life in so many good ways.  Thanks much to all of you who read regularly. Your comments and friendships add sunshine to my days.  Now it’s time to celebrate with some giveaway prizes!  …

TO WIN: all you need to do is leave a comment to this post stating 2 things you would like to accomplish this month. Three winners will be randomly selected and announced here on Parcel Post Monday 5.10. Each winner will receive one of the below prizes check back here to see if you have won!

: and the prizes are :

PRIZE No.1 A custom rubber stamp made just for you from Paperwink – from one of the styles I wrote about here.


PRIZE No.2 A set of Polaroid Notes by Chronicle (see another picture here)


PRIZE No.3 A Russel and Hazel signature or mini binder – from this post


good luck!

xo *A

post No. 262 .. and the winners are

I loved reading your comments on the holiday giveaway! A special thanks to all of you who participated. The 5 lucky winners chosen by are listed below! If you are a winner, please contact me with your mailing address.


prize No. 1 goes to Rachel who is grateful for her husband & the chance to relax

prize No.2 goes to MB Soverino who is happy to have her cozy Boston apartment

prize No.3 goes to Kelsey who loves her down comforters

prize No.4 goes to Melissa Leigh-who is thankful for her partner.

prize No.5 goes to Ashleigh with the “ultra sophisticated” cheesy onion recipe


photo found here

Post No.259 the Parcel Post Loves you Giveaway!

I have been really excited to post the annual Holiday giveaway this year.  It means so much to have you as daily readers – so it is time to give back!  I picked out some special things at the shop that are fitting for this time of year in hopes you would enjoy.

TO WIN: all you need to do is leave a comment to this post stating something you woke up feeling thankful for today -or- a favorite Thanksgiving dish you like to make or eat. * if you are really inspired you can enter twice with one of each.* The winners will be randomly selected and announced here on parcel post Wednesday December 2nd so check back here to see if you have won!

: and the prizes are :

Prize No.1 Hot Chocolate from MarieBelle New York

Prize No.2 a Holiday Correspondence set from Yellow Owl Workshop

Prize No.3 a Holiday Rubber Stamp set from Cavallini

Prize No.4  The Snow & Graham 2010 Desk Calendar

Prize No.5 a pack of striped paper straws that I wrote about here

good luck!


post No.232 And the winners are…

I must truly say that reading about all the things that make you happy in post No.227 brought me happiness!   I’m thinking I might highlight some of your comments in another post because they were so good.

As always, I wish all of you could win, but the random number picker could only pick 3 – so the winners are…


#31  Kristina  – who is happy to have just turned 30!

#87 Monica – who is happy to be the editor of a paper!

#134 Dorothy – who is happy it is apple crisp time!

Congrats you three!  Talk soon to get your addresses and let you know what prize you won.


P.S  award ribbons found here

post No.227 The Urbanic turned 3 Giveaway!

Urbanic turned 3 and this means presents! –  It’s fall giveaway time!


TO WIN: all you need to do is leave a comment to this post naming 3 things in your life that are presently making you happy.  The winners will be randomly selected and announced here on parcel post on October 3rd so check back here to see if you have won.

: and the prizes are :


prize No.1  a candle from Linnea’s Lights!


Prize No.2  a writing set from Oh Joy


prize No.3 an O-check journal

so glad it’s fall,


{#3 collage photo credits from left:  other peoples flowersdime store emporium and scissor variations}

Post No.194 wedding binder giveaway winner…

Wow.  All of your color inspirations blew my mind!

I truly wish each one of you could win the wedding binder from our giveaway but the random number generator could only chose one.

And the winner is…


Sarah who said her colors were going to be inspired by the sunsets where she lives “navy and a coral-y orange”.  Congratulations Sarah!


I’ll Be back in a few  hours with the “friday at the shop” post


post No.190 Giveaway Time!

: please note this contest is now closed :

Guest posting over at Brooklyn Bride this week got me inspired to have a giveaway for all of you brides out there!  The prize is this Russel and Hazel wedding binder! It has everything you need to stay organized in a stylish way.




the set includes

1 signature binder with white spine   •   12 section tabs with pocket   •  Planning notebook  •  Organized adhesive note set  •  Sheet protectors  •  2 business card pages  •  10 writing pages  •  5 multi format pages

To win, just  leave a comment on this post with a wedding color combination you are considering.  The winner will be randomly chosen and announced here on Parcel Post July 24th so check back to see if you win.






post No.148 1st birthday giveaway

H   e   l   l   o !

 Valeasc • Natalie • Jacqueline • Paula • Jessica Lynn • Krista • Jessica • Leila • Monica • Hope • Kara • Beth • Frances • Stephanie • Amy • Jen • Abbie • Tiffany • Annie • Louise • Julie • Lea Ann • Susan • Ryan • Jessica C • Jessica • Nole • Gracienne • Emily • Lisa • Jean • Ana • Tilda • Ashley • Ms.Unreliable  • Julie • Christine • Niki • Emily • Anita • Whitney • Allison • Suzanne • Kristin B •  Melanie • Renee  • Cyndi • Michelle • Carina • Tess • Marguerite  • Libby • Althea •  Natalie • Sarah and Monica !

Thank you all for making this such a fun birthday giveaway!  I completely enjoyed learning a little more about each of you and checking out your sites and blogs!


The random number generator chose …

Ashley from Los Angeles – you won prize No.1

Natalie from Boston– you won prize No.2

Natalie from Australia– you won prize No.3

Beth from Los Angeles– you won prize No. 4

Nole from D.C – you won prize No.5


*please be sure to email me your mailing address ( ) so I can send you your prize! *


{garland by aymujer }

post No. 143 Parcel Post turns 1!


This month is the first birthday of Parcel Post!  I was thinking for presents it would be fun to give a few little things out to you, since you all are a big part of what keeps me going.  The inspiration came from someone I met in Urbanic over the weekend named Jillian.  I told her that I loved her dress and she told me that she loved my blog.  It was so fun to meet one of my readers in person and it totally made my day!  I hope that if any of you make it into the shop that you will introduce yourself.  I realize that many of you can’t make it in, so this blog giveaway is about meeting you.   Please introduce yourself in a comment on this post.  I would love to know anything about you. Do you have a blog? a website? a favorite color? where do you live? what do you do? How did you find Parcel Post?

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is introduce yourself in a comment on this post before April 29th .

I will announce the winners on April 30th.  (if i already know you, feel free to comment- you can play too!)  Below are the prizes.  There will be 5 lucky winners!

no1 ld-rosebud

prize No.1 is a deluxe lip balm by Mor

no2 ok-new-notebook2

prize No.2 is an Orla Kiley notebook

no3 55045

prize No.3 is an Aquiesse travel candle

no4 sea-watercress-chai-tea

prize No.4 is a bar of soap by Lucia

no5 gwa719

prize No.5 is a set of fabric covered buttons by Girl of all work



{cupcakes above by my “treat hero” Amy Atlas • fancy number tags by someone very talented with a blog. I am very sorry I can’t remember my source, but please remind me of who you are so i can give you credit}

post No.111 * a Giveaway from L.A ! *

Los Angeles is buzzing with local talent and I am regularly inspired by so many of the designers that I am privileged to meet.  It’s always great to hear stories of how they got started and pursued their creative endeavors.  Recently, a few of these designers offered to donate prizes to Parcel Post, so I decided to have an inspirational giveaway.

To win all you need to do is leave a comment to this post about a project you have worked on in the past or a project you hope to accomplish in the new year. It can be ANY kind of project.  Feel free to add links.

Guidelines: You have until February 4th 2008 to post a comment. The winners will be randomly chosen on February 5th and announced here on Parcel Post – so check back to see if you have won.

This time there will be  * 7 WINNERS * If you win you will receive one of the following….


Prize No.1 Botanical Index is Jenny Lee.  She donated 2 box sets of assorted greeting cards letterpressed with modern & vintage inspired details.  “I have always loved stationery and creating special packages to mail out to friends for birthdays, holidays, or just because.  Botanical Index began a couple years ago, inspired by this love for letter-writing and “old-fashioned” correspondence, and has continued to be a way to create special cards and stationery for friends and clients alike.

Prize No. 2 Paperwink is Tara Bokman and Darcey Shanahan.  They donated a set of custom personal stationery which will be made especially for the winner.  After working together at Knock Knock they decided to branch out and start their own company. “We find inspiration in found objects and many of our designs show our unique style of mixing vintage elements with a modern flair.  Our stationery works together as a system, which includes notecards, address labels and calling cards.”

Prize No.3 Copper Willow is Jill Velez and Leora Mauck.  They donated 3 box sets from their new luxury line – Prestige.  The boxes feature 8 asst. shaped cards with navy ink & envelopes with matching labels for addressing on the front.  They met each other through their husbands (who were best friends in college).  We both wanted to run our own business so that we could stay home with our children as they grow up.  The business started out of the home and with our families in mind, we made the environment and health safety our priorities.  All artwork and calligraphy is original and everything is pressed by hand with soy ink.  We use only vegetable oils and solvents and all of our papers are tree-free, recycled or made from re-purposed clothing.  Now having children, we are thrilled to be doing something we both love and caring for our families at the same time.

Prize No.4  Lilikoi is Andria Ledon. I met her while she was shopping at Urbanic. She is a graphic designer currently working on designing her own wedding invitations. “My calendar is my most recent and favorite project.  I have a Chandler & Price 8×12 letterpress that is 120 years old and is manually operated. The calendar is printed on 100% cotton paper and is 1 of 100.  I am a graphic designer and letterpress printer and have recently started my own business. Since spending several years at a boutique ad agency and doing freelance graphic design since college and now on my own, I’m really enjoying my work.”

* On a side note, so you know, I adore your comments.  Thanks for always getting so into it. If you haven’t read any from the  last few give-aways click here and here *

post No.87 *

You guys are the best!

I can’t even tell you how much i have been enjoying reading all of your “gift stories” over the last couple days. If you are reading this post right now and you have not checked out all the comments on post No.86 I totally encourage you to check this out – it is really interesting inspiring and feel-good reading.  Thanks so much for getting into it and sharing your stories.



“you’re the best” card by snow and graham

post No.66 Fall Giveaway Winners!

The winners of the parcel post fall giveaway are…

I asked Joshua to randomly pick a number from 1-48 and he chose number 37 ( jill who loves sleeping with the windows open). Then I used a random number generator and it chose number 3 ( Kelly E. who loves the colors of fall).

To all of the rest of you thank you- thank you for your fall favorite contributions! I enjoyed your comments thoroughly, and reading each one as they came in made my days these last 2 weeks

* A

p.s The holiday giveaway is right around the corner!

post No.59 Fall Giveaway!

It’s prize time again. Hooray!

The last giveaway I did on parcel post was so much fun, that this time I decided to award 2 lucky winners! This month the theme is fall-inspired, so here are the prizes…


prize No.1 (the Sweet prize) You will win one eco chic Cat Seto monthly desk calendar. (each month is printed on 100% recycled paper and equipped with a fancy wood block made from recycled lumber)


prize No.2 (the Rad prize) You will win a set of 3 deluxe, foil stamped chapter journals from girl of all work

** both prizes will include a super sleek gold pen to accessorize these treasures**

To Participate, All you need to do is post a comment, stating anything you like about fall. ( it has to be this post.)

Guidelines: You have until October 10, 2008 to post a comment. The winner will be randomly chosen on October 11th and announced here on Parcel Post – so check back here to see if you have won. Please note: “anonymous” comments will not be counted, so make sure you identify your post with a name.

fun times,


p.s award ribbons by minorthread