post No.737

I had a small window of opportunity this morning to pin a few things and it was awesome.  We’ve been doing so much traveling this summer that there hasn’t been much time to blog and indulge in social media stuff. Little J starts kindergarten at the end of the month and I’m completely emo about this already.  We’ll be grounded back in L.A for a while after that so I’ll get to be here on Parcel Post more often. We have one more trip this weekend to see my yiayia in Florida. (“yiayia” = grandmom in Greek). We’re attempting a red-eye in hopes for less kid craziness on the plane, but I heard that this plan could also backfire so please wish us some luck!

happy weekend all,



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post No.715 NSS (2012) full of gold.

For part 2 of my NSS round-up, I’m highlighting how popular gold foiling is this year.  I can’t deny that I’m attracted to sparkly things, so it was kinda fun to see it popping up everywhere.  Metallics were letterpressed on notecards, coasters, notebooks, incorporated into booth displays, printed on business cards, monogrammed stationery, tote bags, and I even spotted it on someone’s nails.  (okay that was a little scary, but the rest was *A-okay).

{kate spade | the social type | haute papier | fine day press | catherine greenup | fig.2 design}

post No.714 NSS (2012) color everywhere.

The NSS this year was amazing. It was a whirlwind for me to get through it all, but I picked up lots of new lines and was excited by the amount of creativity showcased in all of the the booths. (The last picture in this set is of a booth floor turned rainbow with alternating strips of vinyl tape!)  In the weeks to follow I’ll be highlighting new product as it’s coming into the shop, but for now I’ll give you a peek into some of the things I saw in my trek around the show.  This first round up is all about color.  Color trends were easy to spot; ombre, neons, and color blocking to name a few.

{belle and union | whisker graphics | banquette | the great lakes |rocket ink | fine day press | ilee booth}

post No.620 awesome striped things

I’m on a hunt for security envelopes with a black pinstripe liner and a 1-panel window on the front.  Anyone know where to find them? If so, send me the link and I’ll send you a little something in return. I did a search last night – to no avail, but did find these other striped beauties below that i had to share. In other news, the wall came down over the weekend in the shop!  It’s so exciting, for us, you have no idea. Joshua and I have wanted to break down that wall for 5 years. Huge milestone for us. There is still a lot to be done, but if you’re in the neighborhood, pop in and check out the new space!

I’ll post pictures soon.




{new envelope liners from bella figura • love postcards by Ask Alice  i need to paint a gold tray like this one}

post No.617 kraft-stel

Hope all of you had a great weekend. I spent a lot of time with my little boys while Joshua worked on the store expansion. I’m happy to say it’s coming along. Slowly but surely, it will happen. Here’s some of my morning inspiration today. Kraft paper pretty much goes well with everything, but today I was feeling the mix-up of kraft with pastels.  I had these both pinned on my board “for the love of paper“, but thinking i should probably make up an entire board titled “kraftstel”. Like it?

Happy Monday!

xo *A

{gift tags + print}

post No.616 Flash Card Calendar

Any of you who’ve been reading Parcel Post for a while must already know how much I love getting fun things in the mail. That being said, getting this little package from Whisker Graphics was definitely the mail highlight of my week. It’s a 2012 vintage flashcard inspired calendar fully equipped with a library card to jot down important dates and a big fat bull dog clip for hanging.

post No.505 simply thankful

It’s a week of thanksgiving and what better way to share your thanks than these limited edition sets from SimpleSong.  I love the idea of passing these little cards around the dinner table before giving thanks.  Each set contains 6 lists and pencils stamped with the word “thankful” in gold.  If those aren’t cool enough, there is also ‘thankful garland’ available for your decor needs.  Letterpressed tags attached on jute twine  =  the perfect way to accent a table.   (get them here)


post No.497 book pages + garland

This holiday season I was thinking of decorating the store with some pretty things made up of neutral colors and metallics. Specifically I’m feeling the idea of the soft detailed look of old book pages mixed up with some sparkle and bling to make things festive. I went online to do a little research on how to execute the plan and stumbled across these different garlands that got me going on a few ideas.  I’ll be sure to unveil the final once we’ve devised the master plan.  xo *A

above garlands from : a study in french | erin dollar | west elm