post No.479 letterpress garlands

These new garlands made of recycled letterpress tidbits just landed in my inbox from Sycamore Street Press. When I saw the picture, I was also intrigued by the old school cootie catcher sitting by the vases, so I dug a little deeper on their website to find out that they actually pressed these little fortune telling paper games. So fun!

post No.475 Tokketok

I’m in such a good mood this morning as fall is my absolute favorite season and I can feel it starting to surround us!  Receiving a sample pack of these letterpressed beauties from Tokketok (and sipping a pumpkin spiced latte) has enhanced my day even more …

post No.448


I feel like I haven’t been here for a while. Things have been challenging lately. The more pregnant I get the less energy I have to conquer the world.  :]  Sometimes I wish I could just blog all day on Parcel Post and look at other peoples blogs all day and not ever have to do any work except for the fun stuff like ordering great things for the shop and working with cool brides.  But alas, my duties call, so I’m off, but leaving you with this prettiness …

{from confetti system and m.o.m}

post No.424 Curious Chocolate

I’m SO wishing I could sell these chocolate bars from Curious Chocolates at the shop!  With packaging like this and with candy bar titles like,”grateful”, “joyful” and “mouthful”,  they seem like a perfect match for Urbanic.  Alas, I cannot, beacause they are made in the U.K, and there are some packaging requirements that make it complicated.

However…  I just realized They also have a line of greeting cards that share the same look! Perfect! I’m on it…

post No.416 NSS pt.7

Although in reality I have about 3000 more pictures I want to share with you from the NSS, I need to finalize my summary so I can start highlighting the product that is pouring into the shop right now!  That being said, here is pt. 7 (the final recap post).

{from the top:  Kate SpadeBoddingtonL2 CraneOh So Suite •}

* one last special thanks to my amazing, rad, pretty sister for Ana for shooting the whole show for me.*

post No.414 NSS pt.5

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. This week flew by WAY to fast.  Below are a some cute shots from a few of the booths we visited at the show. Looks like I will have a bit more coverage next week of the NSS since I am only half way through.

Until then, happy Memorial Day weekend!  xo *A

Bird Dog Press A favoriteCat SetoSparkThe FoundEggpress Two Trick Pony

{pics by the amazing Ana}

post No.412 NSS pt.3

For part.3 of my NSS recap, I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite lines out of Brooklyn.  First up Enormous Champion.  (btw.- Love that Joshua was calling them “e-champ” at the show).  I ordered their amazing tea towels and of course all the new card designs, but a few show stoppers which also need mention are whale mobile and the wall art below…

Next is an action shot Ana took of Joshua and I at the moment we discovered Gold Teeth Brooklyn.  We were so excited to find them, we literally marched into the booth, plopped all of our stuff down, and announced that we planned to stay a while.

{pics by Ana}

post No.411 NSS pt.2

Oops! I meant to post this last night.  Next up from the NSS recap is Pica Press.   Newest finds include, these adorable recipe card packs (this was a big trend these this year), a new return address sticker collection (not pictured but ordered), and the mixed paper rolodex. In case you’re wondering what the first picture is, they are business cards in little printed envelopes.  We couldn’t resist how photo worthy it was!  more in a bit…

{photos by Anneka)

post No.410 NSS pt.1

I’m back! The show was amazing and I was lucky enough to have my sister Ana come along with us and shoot our journey throughout.  She is such a rad photographer- (check out more of her work here). Since there is so much show to cover, I will be posting a few times a day this week. Today I will start off with some Susy Jack cheerfulness since I’m a little swamped in Monday morning blues. She had an abundance of clever design this show. Some of my faves included the pencil cups, the rainy day coin bank, and her paper garland kits. (more on those when they arrive in the shop).

post No.328 Kate Spade Postcards

This morning I went outside for a morning walk and everything smelled so good outside.  Inspired by Spring I put on a striped T-shirt and pulled out my Kate Spade Paper Catalog to do some ordering.  I know, I am a total dork,  but all this to say I’m feeling this cute postcard set and can’t order it fast enough for the shop!