post No.781 Oh hello there.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. The holiday season came through Urbanic like a big festive whirlwind! It definitely got kinda crazy at times, but mostly it was fun and we loved the hustle and bustle of it all.  Since I didn’t get to fill you in much on what was happening around the shop, I can at least fill you in on some snap shots I took throughout the month of December.

Lots of beautiful holiday mail and packages were delivered each day.  (You know I was loving every second of this!)


My father taught me that it’s important to always leave a little something for the mail carrier.


It was fun to discover that the Venice marquee was decked out in red &  green for Christmas.   afd5c79a4d7311e2ad7a22000a9f3090_7

We finally got the sign painted on the front of our building! FINALLY!


My friend Emily and I had a blast putting together the holiday window this year. This is truly one of my favorite windows ever, and I feel so lucky to have such an uber talented friend to share this holiday tradition with. ae1a223641b411e2a47422000a9e28eb_7



This shipment of rustic beauty arrived at the shop from the U.K.


We wrapped a lot of gifts for people this season. (The gentleman particularly love our service!)


Decorating a mantal is almost as fun as decorating the tree.


We’re on the East Coast right now visiting family. It snowed here (which was my holiday wish) and I took this picture of Ian yesterday during his first time exploring snow.  So completely magical.




{all photos by Parcel Post}

post No.775 A Dear Hancock Thanksgiving

I thought I was one of the rare few that grew up with canned cranberry sauce every Thanksgiving of my childhood –  but apparently I’m not the only one!  I love you Dear Hancock for making a card out of it (and all of these other great ones) which are so perfect for this time of year.

Post No.771 Thanksgiving Cards from Rocket Ink

Okay. Who’s getting in the mood for Thanksgiving? It’s crazy that the holidays have snuck up on us already but I can’t deny my excitement.  Adding to it, are these new cards that just came into the shop from Rocket Ink. The feather card is officially one of my all time favorites and is currently holding some real estate on our mantel.

happy weekend all!


{photos by Rocket Ink}

post No.768 Things of late …

From time to time I share a few things on the blog that I’ve posted on twitter and instagram lately.

We painted pumpkins this year for our Halloween window at the shop

Candy Store corner of Urbanic

Saw this at a coffee shop which led me to meet a local hand-lettering artist.

I stocked up on Farmer’s Market flowers for the Rifle Paper Event we had at the shop.

The invitations we printed for the Rifle Paper Co. party

Cute shoes on the girl in-line next to me at Intellegensia.

Our booth set up at the Abbot Kinney Festival. It was so fun!

Writing thank you cards while eating breakfast.

Ian playing with his trains. I love this stage.

My boys sliding down a hill of leaves.

More of the pumpkins we painted for our Halloween window. (the white one turned into the scalloped on at the very top).

happy monday!



{phtos by Parcel Post}

post No.712 Greetings from N.Y.C

Hey all, I’m still in NYC and finding a ton of great stuff at the NSS.  It’s raining here today and I’m about to make my trek to the subway and head over to the Javitz Center. :/  At least it was worth lugging my rain boots across the country! Hope you’re all having a great week.  I’m gonna have a whopper of a job ahead of me documenting all these finds for you!



{postcard by Pie Bird Press}

post No.711 best mail week of 2012

Hello from 30,000 feet in the air!  I’m in flight and headed to the National Stationery Show in NYC. If you’ve read any of my blog posts from years past here + here you’ll know that May is by far the best mail month of the year!

Our mailman has been unloading piles of these beauties onto our counter for the last few weeks. They are invitations sent to us from different designers exhibiting at the show to come and view their new collections.  The envelopes alone are completely awesome. We’re talking address calligraphy, vintage postage stamps, patterned liners … I mean, come on! Does mail get better than this?!

I’ll be posting show features on instagram and twitter for the next 4 days, so stay tuned!

xo *A


{photos by Maureen Price}

post No.706 Mother’s Day Window 2012

This month some of the girls and I hit the shop at 5 am  (okay, so I was like 20 minutes late) to install this window for Mother’s Day.  We took two of our favorite cards from our wall and had them made into posters. The first “Mom” card is by Sass and Perill and the second “Happy Mother’s Day” is by Natalie Eden.  A special thanks to both designers for helping us work this out. We poufed tissue poms, wrapped a ton of presents in pretty black paper and tied them all up with bright cotton ribbons. As a finishing touch, we added a few details to our chalkboard and called it a colorful day.

{photos by Maureen Price}

Post No.547 A day in the life of Paper + Cup

Last week, I posted about my friend Min’s new book Paper+Craft.  She is a working mom also, so we have a lot in common.  I’m inspired by all she does and thought it would be interesting to show you what a day in her life looks like.  Below is a summary she gave me of a day over at Paper+Cup …

A typical day at P+C revolves around our newest member, Tru Jr. I’ve been working a lot from home since he was born so I can be near him as much as possible. It’s been a real challenge but we made it through 1 year! It all starts with our breakfast time- 7am. When things are real busy, I wake up around 4-5am to do some work.  Jr eats while I make breakfast fast for me and Tru Sr. I organize my to-do’s that is split up into ‘home’ and ‘work’ lists, then some playtime before Jr’s first nap. Depending on what day, interns/designer comes over and I set them up while he sleeps.

Next, check email,  drink coffee and take care of some custom orders and check in with my team to see what orders are being worked on and shipping out

When Tru gets up, it’s lunch time.  Then off to run errands/playdates.  Often  I manage to squeeze in some playground time while out. This particular day I was at the post and saw some cards I designed a few years back for a client!

Afterwards, rush home for Jr’s 2nd nap. Barely make it home.  Back to work- check mail, unpack my sample cards from printer and check on some inventory.

Next I tidy up the house and prep dinner. After jr’s dinner, we bath and have some naked baby playtime.  This is my favorite time of the day. We read, sing songs and  laugh. Then as soon as he is asleep – around 7-7:30, I’m off to do actual design work on the computer till around 10.

Tru Sr. and I eat dinner around 10 and have some alone time.
I don’t get much time during the day to work on my computer but amazingly the time away from the computer actually has helped me to sort things out faster. I’ve also learned to let go and delegate. I’m very grateful for the network of people that make it possible for me to still run P+C and be a full time mom (for now =)).

post No.520 holiday cards

We finally got our holiday cards sent out this year! They were a true labor of love. Not just from us to the recipient, but from my good friend Emily to me.  She completely helped me out this year since my hands were so full with the store and the baby. She designed it, directed production and helped us assemble. On top of this my mom spent endless hours helping me tie and tag!  In the end they came out perfect. The goal was to send something that captured the warmth and the comfort of the season.  The photos below were shot by my super talented sister Ana.  As I’m typing all of this I’m realizing how much this whole thing was actually a gift given to me from these three important women in my life.