post No.701 Mother’s Day 2012 {pt.2}

Two favorites on our shelves from Sass+Perill


post No.697 The MaeMae Trunk Show

I feel like I’ve been a bit behind in my blogging lately. (Okay, well I know I have!) I realized this morning that I never posted the photos from the Mae Mae trunk show we had at Urbanic last month. It was a charming afternoon and even though it poured rain that day it didn’t put a damper on any of the fun. The new collection is absolutely adorable. The color stories, the fonts, and the motifs in each collection are completely unique.  If you didn’t get a chance to make it that day to see it, pop into the shop to take a peek. You’ll leave inspired. I promise!

{photos by Lehua Noelle}

post No.695 Make My Notebook

Hello Parcel Post readers. It’s a new day and a new week! Hopefully whatever part of the world you are reading this in, you’re feeling a little bit of spring. Our latest photo shoot from around the shop is of these new notebooks we recently got in. This line is awesome because each notebook is hand printed. As an extra bonus, the pages inside alternate between college ruled and graph paper which is (if you’re anything like me) HUGE for daily creativity and list making.

{photos by Maureen Price}

post No.694 shop window: spring 1.

I wanted to share some pics with you from our latest store window before it gets switched out tomorrow. Inspired by our set-up at The Cream event, we went with fun pops of neon and an overall explosion of bright colors.  If you’ve been on Abbot Kinney as of late, you will find it is really hard to miss!

A special thanks to my awesome dad whose garden inspired the fabric circles (he made them for us!!) and to Court, Kay and Mo for their mad skills.

{photos by Maureen Price}

Post No.690 Recent Tweets

From time to time I share a few things on the blog that I’ve posted on twitter and instagram lately.

*New* color pop paper clips at Urbanic!

I made this at Bri and Jen’s event

Summer’s coming! lots of striped ribbon just arrived in the shop.

The notebook I’m using for a very important project. 🙂

We finally welcomed our new next door neighbors on Abbot Kinney!

h a p p y   w e e k e n d   a l l  !

xo *A

post No.687 utilitarian desk accessories + cotton ribbon

New at Urbanic are these utilitarian desk accessories and pretty cotton ribbons from the UK. Can you stand the awesomeness?! I don’t know about you, but give me a set of bull dog clips or silver tacks in a pretty little box and I’m feeling good about what’s going on inside my desk drawer.  Many of you have been writing in lately asking how to purchase the things featured on Parcel Post. For now just email us here and tell us what you want and we can ship it out to you. Or you can sign up for our newsletter to be informed of when the official online store will launch!

{photos by Maureen Price}

post No.684 Boho Chic candles

I can’t wait until summer. I know it’s not even spring yet and that I’m actually typing this while eating a bowl of soup, but it’s that time of year when you can feel it coming and the warm weather excitement starts brewing. Lately I’ve been re-planning our back yard space, searching for the perfect sandals, and ordering stuff for Urbanic that screams summer.  These boho chic candles by Illume look and smell like a vacation and getting them into the shop seals the deal for me. I’m putting away my sweaters even if that means I have to freeze for the next two months. Summer Social 2012 anyone?

{photos by Maureen Price}