post No.113 “Saturday Morning” Party

Come hang out with us this Friday night!


post No.18 Remember shrinky dinks?

I always loved making shrinky dinks when I was little. I loved the idea of baking something that wasn’t food, watching it curl and then turn small. It is a strange and entertaining experience. Although I am not big on “sun catchers” anymore, It is refreshing to know that you can still create your own tiny wonder these days. I am baffled by how many people do not remember what they are. Thanks to Nicole at Making it Lovely, I have a photo demonstration of exactly how you make a shrinky dink.

1. Get your special shrinky dink paper from urbanic and decide what you are making. Then draw or print out at about 50% larger than you imagine it to be. Color it in with markers and cut out.

2. Place in oven on a baking pan and cook for like 3 or 4 minutes. Make sure you watch it. ( this is fun)

3. After the excitement of watching it curl up and shrink down, take it out of the oven and admire your new little gem once it cools.

4. love it and put to use.

So the reason I am writing about shrinky dinks today is because this friday (june 6th) we are hosting a first-friday back yard- lounge party with Neighborhood. We are going to put on a “project social” with special ink jet compatible shrinky dink paper that we have at urbanic. Patio culture is going to style it up with their outdoor furnishings and fun pillows, TrickTurner from Juxtaphone is going to spin down-tempo outdoor beats and Venice Beach Wines is offering tastings of rare California wines. This is such a fun way to kick off the summer! If you are reading this and you live close, come and join us and DO make your own shrinky dink.. ! If you live far, stay tuned- I will be posting an event recap next week.