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My Mom | Urbanic

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m dedicating this post to my mom, Olga Tantaros. She is beautiful, gracious, and so lovely inside – that if you were to meet her she would most likely shake your hand with both of hers.  Her sheets are always folded to perfection and she believes dinner should be had every night with a proper table setting. Although she doesn’t love to cook, she has done it for us for as long as I can remember. My two sisters and I are the light of her life. She’s been invested in us since the time we were born and been by our sides through every endeavor, victory and hardship.  She’s believed and supported Urbanic from when it was just a little card line made in my living room, and is still front row when it comes to all that is happening with our shop. In fact, I’m guessing she’s reading this post right now, since she subscribed to the blog.  Any type-os’ mom?

Thanks for being such a good role model of motherhood for me. love you.


Florentine Frames by Cavallini & Co.

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