Big News & Summer Giveaway !!

Big News & Summer Giveaway | Urbanic

Hi everyone! It has been a project in the making and we’re beyond excited to announce… that we’ve revamped Parcel Post! We’ve got a fresh new look and a new URL — If you are subscribed to Parcel Post via RSS or have us in your feeds, please re-bookmark us. (Our site will no longer be active.) As a thank-you, we’ll be sending all of you a fun little surprise in the mail when you move over with us. See details on the new blog.

And in celebration, we’re having a SUMMER GIVEAWAY. To win, all you need to do is leave a comment to this post on the NEW URL stating something in your life you’d like to re-invent. It felt so good to freshen up the blog and I’d love to hear about something in your life that you’d love to change as well. There will be six winners randomly selected and announced on 6/26. So check back to see if you’ve won! Each winner will receive one of the prizes below:

Summer Giveaway Prizes | Urbanic

Now, come see our new digs!

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Post no.819 Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day Gifts | Urbanic
Father's Day Gifts | Urbanic
Father's Day Gifts | Urbanic
Father's Day Gifts | Urbanic
It was a difficult task to select favorites from our Father’s Day gift options at Urbanic! But these seem to go hand-in-hand with this fun, masculine wrap by Cavalini. Drop on by the store or click on over to thePop-Up Shop to find your special something for Dad.
Snow & Graham, Izola, Forage, Sydney Hale, Maptote, Wild and Wolf, Paddywax and Mast Brothers.

Best Mail Week 2013 [pt.3] | NSS

More beauties from our mailbox…

Pretty Mail | NSS | Urbanic

Above from:Grey Moggie Press, BT Elements, Katherine Watson, Kate & Birdie Paper Co. and Paper Lovely

Handsome Mail | NSS | Urbanic

Above from:9th Letterpress, Sugar Paper, The Social Type and the Paper Club

The Fun Bunch | NSS | Urbanic

Above from: Lemon Drop Papers, Puddleduck Paper Co., Iron Curtain Press, Shed Letterpress and Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Photos by Urbanic

Best Mail Week 2013 [pt.2] | NSS

I was going to post this one tomorrow, but just couldn’t wait, so here’s batch # 2 of some of the invitations we’ve received from the National Stationery Show this year.

Spring-hued Mail | NSS | Urbanic

above from: fig. 2, meant to be sent, farewell paperie, beautiful paper, parrott design, lady fingers, amemone press, and legion paper

Summer-hued Mail | NSS | Urbanic

above from: pinterette press, rifle paper co, paper plane and ladyfingers letterpress


{photos by urbanic}

Best Mail Week of 2013 | NSS

Envelope Heaven | NSS | Urbanic

Every year, about the second week in May we get an influx of the best mail ever delivered to Urbanic. It’s an explosion of creativity from some of the best stationery designers across the country inviting us to visit them at the National Stationery Show. The trade show takes place once a year in NYC and is a showcase of the latest in all things paper and stationery related. I’ve made it a little tradition to post pictures of the mail we get every year. I’ll be posting pics the rest of this week, up until our departure for the show.  For today, here are some blue-toned beauties.

Blues | NSS | Urbanic invitations above by : thimble letterpress, wild ink press, belle & union, tutta lou / orange twist, and ink meets paper

{photos by Urbanic}

My Mom

My Mom | Urbanic

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m dedicating this post to my mom, Olga Tantaros. She is beautiful, gracious, and so lovely inside – that if you were to meet her she would most likely shake your hand with both of hers.  Her sheets are always folded to perfection and she believes dinner should be had every night with a proper table setting. Although she doesn’t love to cook, she has done it for us for as long as I can remember. My two sisters and I are the light of her life. She’s been invested in us since the time we were born and been by our sides through every endeavor, victory and hardship.  She’s believed and supported Urbanic from when it was just a little card line made in my living room, and is still front row when it comes to all that is happening with our shop. In fact, I’m guessing she’s reading this post right now, since she subscribed to the blog.  Any type-os’ mom?

Thanks for being such a good role model of motherhood for me. love you.


Florentine Frames by Cavallini & Co.

Mom Match-Up

Mom Match-Up | Urbanic

Let the outside reflect the inside! A gift’s presentation must be as perfect as the gift itself. A new gardening hat? Think flowers and wellies! We’ve matched up wrap and cards from around the shop to give you some inspiration as you prep for Sunday’s celebration. Make your Momma proud with how thoughtful she raised you to be.


above : Rifle Paper Co. wrapping papers + Rocket Ink cards

Project: Blooming Monogram

Blooming Monogram Project | Urbanic

I wanted our Mother’s Day window at Urbanic to be extra special this year since my mom is flying in from Philadelphia to visit us. I had a paper mache initial on my desk that we had used as a tester in another project and I kept staring at it thinking I wanted to fill it with something. Then it hit me … blooms! It worked out so pretty for our shop window,  but would also be an amazing gift to give as a monogram desk accent or wall hanging for the special moms and mom-friends in your life.

Here’s how you make it.

Blooming Monogram Project | Urbanic

What You Need :
☐ paper mache letters (there are 8″ and 12″)
☐ exacto knife
☐ floral foam
☐ glue gun
☐ wire cutters or strong scissors
☐ silk flowers

How To Make :
1] Using an exacto knife, cut off the front of the letters and hollow out carefully.
2] Cut floral foam into shapes that fit letter and secure with glue
3] Trim the silk blooms off, leaving a short stem, and position into the foam. You can reinforce with glue, if necessary.
4] Arrange happily!

MOM Window | Urbanic

Above: Our store window!

Photos by Urbanic

Gifts for Mom

Mother's Day Gifts | Urbanic

Find the perfect gift at Urbanic for the Mothers in your life!
All products are available in our store, and many are featured in the Pop-Up Shop.

TRAVELER – Herb Lester maps / Maptote pouch / Baggu stripe bag
HOME CHEF – Mrs. Lilien cocktail book / Sugar Paper market list / Rifle Co. recipe cards
ORGANIZED – One Day at a Time pads / Notes / Russel & Hazel keychain
STYLISH – My Mom Style Icon book / Bellocq tea / Soap & Paper perfume
MOM-TO-BE – “soon to be” card / Pearhead wood frame / One Line a Day memory book
WRITER – Uppercase magazine / Russel & Hazel pencil holder / Liberty Floral noteset

Perfectly Paired Pastels

mint+pink on Parcel Post

It’s springtime and I love the transition of color around the shop — things are feeling fresh and light again! I couldn’t help but notice this perfectly paired wrap and ribbon. As if the pink ombré isn’t amazing enough, the paper is reversible with mint green on the flip side! Sooooo good with Italian cotton ribbon. A match made for pretty pastel gifting!

{ribbon by Carta Inc. + wrap by Rifle Paper Goods}

Family Time in Paris


It’s been one year since our family trip to Paris . . . . .


paris01I’m so happy to be finally blogging about it (and re-living it).  We stayed in a darling apartment in the 7th right by the Eiffel tower and could actually see it from our window!
paris05paris03We stayed for 2 weeks and spent most of our days adventuring around town – seeing sites, hopping on carousels and digesting the beauty and rich culture of the city.
paris04Love locks on the Pont des Arts
paris07paris06The metro got us everywhere. Definitely not easy with the two boys, but the kid-stand on our stroller was a lifesaver, enabling us to get down all of the narrow streets without taking up too much room.
paris08We ate as many baguettes, croissants and baked treats as humanly possible.
paris09Rue Cler –  Our daily morning go-to spot for produce and groceries
paris10Flower stand in Ile Saint Louis + Hanging floral display at Merci
paris11We discovered marionette theaters, lovely parks, book shops, patisseries and boutiques – lots of boutiques! Being that we are shop owners, this was beyond inspiring.
paris12Night in the City of Light


Our days were packed with exploration. At night during our walk home from the metro, we’d look up to see the Eiffel Tower sparkling above us on the top of the hour. It topped off each day with the very magic that started it. I literally have goosebumps right now remembering how special this was for all of us.

Joshua made a little video of our treks in the city for our family.
(Since videos don’t show up in the subscription feed, click this link to see it.)

P.S. If you are thinking of planning your own trip to Paris, I would highly recommend heading over to the Oh Happy Day blog to get some great tips.

{all photos by Parcel Post}