post No.798 New Fashioned Wedding – Book Party

Remember when we hosted the party for ‘The New Fashioned Wedding‘ book release for our friends over at Bash,Please? Well the event was AHH-Mazing! I’m so glad to finally be getting a chance to do a recap of it on the blog.  Joshua (Ferris Wheel Films) also makes creative short videos. He put together this little featurette of  the event which captured it perfectly. For those of you in the email feed, sometimes the videos don’t show up so you can click this link to see it.





Video : Ferris Wheel Films / Photos : Sorella Muse Photography  / Glassware : Casa de Perrin / Drinks : Pharmacie  / Snacks: Whoa Nelly  / Mini-Pies : Simplethings / Florals : Brown Paper Design / Frill: Geronimo / Furniture : Yeah! Rentals

post No.797 Spring Silhouettes – April 4th!

Next Thursday we have silhouette artist Karl Johnson joining us at the shop to cut custom silhouettes! These spots usually book up pretty fast, so call us to set your appointment ASAP. Papercuts only take a few minutes so feel free to bring in your little ones, a pet, or your own profile. These are SUCH great gifts for Mother’s Day. Thursday April 4th  from 11am-8pm.

post No.793 Lately …

Happy almost weekend everyone! From time to time I grab a few shots that I’ve posted on twitter + instagram lately and share them here on the blog.

We’ve been busy, busy working on our booth for The Cream Event this weekend! If you’re coming, swing by and say hello. We’ll have a booth full of goodies for sale and lots of new wedding invitation styles to preview.

We’re dying over here at this new gorgeous paper that came in at Urbanic from Nepal. It’s made out of tree bark by a women’s co-operative.

Last week, I gave a very warm welcome to my shiny new desk scissors.

Urbanic Tags + Baker’s Twine. = #TrueLoveForever

From around the shop: gold, silver and fashion illustrated beauties

Until next week…



{photos by Urbanic / Parcel Post}

post No.791 This Friday is FIRST FRIDAY!

Hey L.A peeps…
This Friday is ‘First Friday’ on Abbot Kinney. What does that mean you ask?  It’s the monthly block party we have here on our street, where shops stay open late, swarms of food trucks arrive and people flock to Venice to get social. This Friday (March 1st) is a special occasion because we’ll have Sweet Lucies ice cream truck parked right in front of the shop serving up *the BEST* in organic ice cream. (Remember when we had them at our Summer Social a few years ago?)  I am a huge ice cream enthusiast so you can mark my words that this is the good stuff. Customers of Urbanic that night will get a sweet little ice cream discount!

Hope to see you there,





post No.789 Date Night

Joshua and I were honored when the folks over at Emma Magazine contacted us to see if we could share with their readers what we consider fun date ideas.  I’m lucky enough to have a romantic husband who likes to make sure that our time together (when were not with our little ones) is creative, adventurous and fun.  He often leaves notes on my desk with date options to pick from depending on what mood I’m in.  I always love what he comes up with and have a special box where I save all of them.  We shared with Emma 3 options that he recently offered me.


Multiple Choice Date Ideas  : Parcel Post

option 1 :
Flea Market Picnic
A Sunday morning Rose Bowl flea market date where we each get to choose a treasure of our choice followed by a picnic at Lacey Park  (our favorite park in South Pasadena)

option 2 :
Old School Arcade
This date would be to the Redondo Pier where there is an old school arcade on the lower level.
We’d get to play pinball machines, air hockey and challenge each other at skeeball.
After we’d grab dinner at the crab shack.

option 3 :
Bingo & Cupcakes
This date would be a hunt for a local bingo night and then going out for cupcakes afterwards.

For the record, I picked #1!

You can check out the article right here (we’re on page 43)

Happy Valentine’s Day


*A (+J)

date night

Post No.786 Our Woollen New Year’s Cards …

Hi Parcel Post readers! I’m so happy to finally be getting a chance to catch up on some blogging over here. Last month, us Woollens sent out New Year’s Cards to the people in our lives.  While visiting my family on the East Coast we discovered some old railroad tracks with carrier trains parked along them.  We had a fun (and extremely cold) day exploring and were lucky enough to have my sister with us who is a rad photographer.  She snapped some shots of our adventure and we ended up choosing the one below for our card.  I then worked with my friend Min of Paper+Cup for the layout (we offer her line at Urbanic)  and I made the liners from a photo of a rug I found online.  The Hatch postage stamps could not have been any more perfect with our color scheme. Thanks USPS for finally offering a cool stamp!

Woollen Family New Year's Card on Parcel Post

Woollen Family New Year's Card on Parcel Post Woollen Family New Year's Card on Parcel Post

family photograph by Anastasia | card photos by Parcel Post

post No.785 Full of Love.

I love when it’s Valentine’s time at Urbanic. It’s so cute to watch people carefully picking out cards for their sweethearts and asking us our opinion on which we think is the best. We have a huge selection in the shop right now, so it’s not an easy task to help people pick, but we still get into it, and it’s fun to get involved.  Here’s a small handful of some favorites…

It's Valentine's Time at Urbanic

Oh and P.S and we have a little Valentines section up in the pop-up shop right here!

(1 + 6) Rifle  (2, 5 +8) Night Owl  (3 +7) Mr.Boddington. (4.+10) Sugar Paper  (9). Waste Not

Post No.784 Our 2013 Prints. Want one?

Every year we like to send out New Year’s Cards to friends of  the shop. Last year, the cards we sent out for Urbanic were created more as a little art print than just a card, with the idea of having something worthy of a desk or bulletin board.  We did it again this year with a fresh+fun outlook on 2013.  I worked with  Scout’s Honor to create these amazing hand-lettered prints, using white ink on chipboard stock. I love how they came out this year and printed some extras for all of you! We’re sending them out complimentary (first come, first serve) to anyone who writes in. They’ll be included in all web orders or  just send us a buck for the shipping and we’ll pop one in the mail your way.  You can snag your print right here.


Urbanic 2013 print

Urbanic 2013 print

Urbanic 2013 print


{photos by Parcel Post}

post No.783 The New Fashioned Wedding

This morning I am so excited to announce that our friends Paige and Kelly from Bash Please have released a new book! I’m guessing you already know or have heard, these girls are extremely talented when it comes to throwing a good party. They are pioneers of fresh invention, and their modern approach to wedding planning is like no other. Their book is packed with gorgeous and inspirational photographs of their work, as well as the planning process behind the featured events. It’s so fascinating to get the inside scoop on all that they do!

OH, and guess what?! The book release party will be here at Urbanic next Thursday night, January 17th from 6pm-9pm.  Join us to celebrate, grab the book, mingle and meet the authors.  {please RSVP by 1/15}.

P.S We just posted the book on our online pop-up shop so you can also nab it right here!



Post No.782 Heading into 2013

Happy New Year!

We’re back from our East Coast trip and so excited to embark on the adventure of what this new year will bring. Part of our plan for 2013 is to create more time for me to post here on the blog.  Hoping all of you had a wonderful holiday season and here’s to what’s ahead!
A Woollen New Year

{animated gif by my rad sister Ana}

post No.782 Holiday Social with Snow & Graham

Um. How could I almost forget to post pics from the holiday party?!  The winter social this year was full of mingling, tasting and making. Ebony from Snow & Graham flew in from Chicago bringing lots of frills and pretty paper. She hosted a holiday garland workshop and also taught folks to make another d.i.y project that looked way more advanced. (I hung out by the marshmallows for that one!)   Stacia and Phil from Frosted brought a gorgeous spread of tasty baked treats. I’m pretty sure that eating those high tops (5th picture down) would be equivalent to taking a bite of Heaven if you could.  A special thanks to Kimber from The Two Photography, for capturing some of the party with these pictures below.  To all of you who came out, thanks for coming it was wonderful to see you!  To all of you reading this, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to an adventurous 2013.



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{photos by Kimber at The Two Photography}